Two non-denominational chapels at Hamilton Park Cemetery cater to all faiths, cultures and beliefs.

The Park Chapel seats 200 people, and a small family room (with facilities for viewing the service) provides a space for children or those who require a little more privacy. Bluetooth is not available in the Park Chapel.

The Greenwood Chapel (attached to the crematorium) seats 50 people and looks out over native trees and vegetation. It also has a viewing area for families who want to view the cremation. 

Both chapels have audio and video technology. Outdoor speakers and large glass doors and windows allow services to be attended from outside either chapel, if required. Recordings of the service aren't available at the Greenwood Chapel. 

Supplier fees may increase from time to time - contact cemetery for current price
Service facilities
Chapel or Lounge - 1 hour service $232.00
Chapel or Lounge - 1/2 hour service $118.00
Chapel or Lounge - 15 minute service $62.00
Service DVD/CD $58.00
Viewing $185.00
Miscellaneous administration costs $113.00
Non Funeral Director Service administration cost $118.00
Courier Fees $51.00


Hamilton Park Cemetery offers both casket and natural burials, with areas available for people of religious faiths and a burial lawn for children. Contact the cemetery for guidelines for headstones and plaques in various areas.

Kowhai plot - Garden Berm Area
Plot purchase including plaque $221.00
Digging fee $103.00
Kowhai Plot - Lawn Area
Plot purchase - does not include a plaque $113.00
Digging fee $113.00
Totara Services Lawn
Maintenance in Perpetuity $792.00
Digging fee $751.00
Adult - Oak, Olive, Chestnut or Forest Grove
Plot purchase $3,812.00
Digging fee $756.00
Child - Apple Blossom (child only - I ash urn)
Plot purchase - ashes $985.00
Internment fee - ashes $120.00
Child - Oak, Olive, Chestnut, Forest Grove or Apple Blossom
Digging fee $320.00
Plot purchase $1,980.00
Second Casket Burial
Digging fee $756.00
Ash Interment
Ash Interment $159.00
Casket Disinterment
Digging fee $4,409.00

Cremation and scattering or burial of ashes (interment)

Cremations are carried out according to individuals’ wishes, beliefs or cultural protocols, and can be provided with 24 hours’ notice.

Ashes are usually collected by the funeral director on behalf of the family, who can arrange for the ashes to be scattered in a specially designated garden at the cemetery, placed in a granite wall, or buried in a lawn area or a number of gardens.  

Ash Interment
Ash Interment $159.00
Web of Memories (4 sets)
Plot purchase $1,075.00
Interment $159.00
Kiwi Ash Scatter Garden (250mm x 150mm plaque)
Berm plot purchase $422.00
RSA Berm (2 sets)
Maintenance in Perpetuity $129.00
Interment $159.00
Garden of Memories Tree (1 set, no plaque)
Plot purchase $149.00
Interment $159.00
Garden of Remembrance - Bellbird, Kereruu Kokako & Weka gardens (2 ash urns per plot)
Plot purchase $1,039.00
Interment $159.00
Granite Wall (1 ash urn per plot)
Plot purchase $823.00
Interment $93.00
Ash Spread only
Interment $62.00
Disinterment of ashes
Ash disinterment $159.00
Ash Spread only
Interment $62.00
Supplier fees may increase from time to time - contact cemetery for current price
Adult $630.00
Child under 15 years $305.00
Stillborn or under 1 year

Flowers and memorabilia

Family members are provided with information on what can be left at gravesites, and this is also outlined in signage at the facility. 

In the ash interment gardens, fresh flowers can be placed in a vase provided by the cemetery. In other ash or burial areas, flowers can be placed in the vase recess of the memorial.

To help protect the cemetery’s integrity, show respect to people laid to rest there, and protect the safety of visitors and cemetery staff, memorabilia containing glass, ceramics, terracotta, rocks and pebbles, or wire/metal-based items are not permitted.​ Items will be removed and held for one month. Collection can be arranged through the cemetery office from 8.30am – 3.30pm weekdays, or by prior arrangement on Saturday. 

Please contact Hamilton Park Cemetery with any queries about what is appropriate at gravesites.


Contact us

Hamilton Park Cemetery
395 Morrinsville Rd

07 856 7987

The administration office (to the right of the Chapel) is open 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.​

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Last updated 6 December 2022