Lawn or ash memorials are arranged by you directly with an authorised monumental mason. A list of our local authorised masons can be found here.

Through our permit process, we ensure the memorial complies with our regulations for the intended location.

See our area specifications here.

You are to give the mason full plot location details including lawn, row and plot number since memorial requirements differ for each of our areas.

You are also to ensure you have the legal authority to have the memorial made or updated. This is done by one of two ways:

  • You confirm you are on our records as owning the plot.
  • You complete our Memorial Statutory Declaration and ensure it has been signed by a Justice of the Peace or similar legal person who has been authorised by New Zealand law to sign such documents.

The mason will submit the required memorial permit and associated paperwork to us on your behalf. We recommend that production work does not commence until they have received approval from us. This will ensure you will not pay for something that cannot be installed.

We verify:

  • details on the permit and associated documents are correct and match our records
  • the applicant on the permit is the plot owner on our records or has completed our Memorial Statutory Declaration.
  • there are no outstanding cemetery costs against the plot and/or deceased
  • the memorial you propose fits the requirements for the plot location.

The mason installs the memorial in most cases. We install the plaques on the granite wall and the inground lawn plaques at time of the ash interment or burial.

Once a memorial has been installed, you are responsible for removing memorabilia previously placed on the plot. If you don’t, then the non-compliant items will be removed periodically by cemetery staff.

Memorabilia and tributes

For our gardens, fresh flowers are the only form of memorabilia. These can be placed in a cemetery supplied plastic spiked vase, for you to place in the garden directly behind the memorial.

On the granite walls, please be mindful of neighbouring plots by ensuring flowers or tributes are not placed inside empty niches or encroaching on another family’s plot.

In our Web or Memories, fresh or artificial flowers should be placed in a vase recess within the memorial. No containers may be placed on the concrete beam once the memorial is installed.

Please contact Hamilton Park Cemetery with any queries about what is appropriate on our site.

Contact us

Hamilton Park Cemetery
395 Morrinsville Rd

07 856 7987

The administration office (to the right of the Chapel) is open 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.​

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Last updated 5 July 2024