What funding is available to our community and other groups?

We manage a range of funds that make grants to non-profit organisations in our community. Click on the funds below to find out which are open for applications, the total amount of funding available, who can apply, and how to apply.

What fund should our group apply for and how can we apply?

Check out our individual funding pages to find out what community outcomes each grant focuses on, which grants are currently open for applications, whether your group fits a specific fund’s criteria eligibility - and (if so), how to apply.

If you need more information at any stage, please get in touch with our Community Development Team’s funding staff. We can also help you through the application process.

What other support is out there for individuals and groups?

Find out what to do and where to go and get other information on how we’re activating our public spaces and places – including other funding opportunities like applying for occupancy of Council venues.


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