Step 1: You

What you need to know

What is a community garden? 

A community garden is a small, shared gardening venture. The food is grown by and used for the community rather than for selling. Growing fruit and vegetables is a fun and affordable way of getting fresh food into meals. A neighbourhood garden can also help make sure the wider community has easy access to tasty, healthy food. 

What types of community gardens are there? 

Types of community gardens are: 

  • Those on private land, such as the Grandview Community Garden in Nawton. 
  • Those on public land, such as the Waimarie Community Garden. 

What support can council provide? 

We want to shape a green city that focuses on sustainability and protecting the environment. Depending on the level of support needed, Council can: 

  • connect in with organisations like Go Eco and EnviroSchools 
  • support the development of a community garden network 
  • provide a space for community gardens when the criteria is met 
  • help with awareness and getting the word out. 

What do the community garden owners need to do? 

Community gardens are often set up by a community group. While each garden - and the group looking after it - will be different, the group will: 

  • manage the community garden and make sure the community and Council are kept informed. 
  • be legally responsible for the garden. 
  • run the garden day-to-day and make sure it’s well maintained
  • organise and manage the funding of the garden.

Step 2: You

Apply to set up a community garden

Step 3: Council

What happens next?

Someone from our team will be in touch with you regarding your application. Until then, you can learn more about our community garden guidelines below.

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Last updated 27 July 2023