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What you need to know

All vehicle crossings must be approved by Council and inspected by our staff throughout construction. This includes vehicle crossings for new builds, adding a new crossing to an existing site, or rebuilding an existing vehicle crossing.

There are different construction requirements for a vehicle crossing depending on the type of property it is accessing - residential, commercial or industrial. Details of the vehicle crossing construction specifications for each type of crossing can be found in the drawings section of the Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications.

The District Plan has specific rules governing the location and width of crossings which must be followed. If your proposal falls outside what is permitted you may be able to apply for a resource consent for a variation.

Working in the road reserve

Prior to undertaking any work within the road reserve, you must submit a Corridor Access Request​ through This ensures construction activity carried out in the road reserve is done by qualified persons, and meets standard requirements. There are several issues and potential risks when working within the road corridor and we want to ensure anyone working within the road reserve has demonstrated a suitable level of competence and knowledge of these issues and risks. A Traffic Management Plan must be attached to your Corridor Access Request for approval and implemented with the site works.

If the vehicle crossing is entering into a State Highway you will need to notify Fulton Hogan and complete the CAR process.

Fulton Hogan
0800 776 2007

Council ensures vehicle entrances are constructed to appropriate standards and in safe locations. However, any improvements and maintenance to the vehicle crossing are the property owner's responsibility.

Fees you might expect

Vehicle Crossing
Vehicle Crossing Inspection (covers 3 site visits. Any additional site visits are covered by the additional inspection fee) per application $375.00
​Site Inspections (for inspections in addition to the minimum set with the application) per visit $125.00

Permit conditions

1. General conditions

  • A Corridor Access Request (CAR) must be obtained and approved prior to commencement of any works. On your application please annotate “Driveway” at the end of your user reference.
  • A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) must be attached to your CAR for approval and implemented with the site works. You can do this by clicking CAR history, view, upload a new document, select traffic management plan.
  • Crossing shall be constructed as per the Regional infrastructure technical specification, 3 Transportation, under vehicle crossing set out in 3.3.19.
  • Prior to work commencing approval will need to be obtained from Planning after an initial onsite meeting.
  • A crossing inspection will need to take place before pavement construction. We will endeavor to contact you to book this, otherwise, please telephone (07) 838 6699 for this inspection.
  • A final inspection of works is required; please give 48 hours notice, telephone (07) 838 6699 to book this inspection.
  • Existing footpath levels not to be altered and the crossing levels and cross fall must be in accordance with Regional
    infrastructure technical specifications (Vehicle Crossing Setout).
  • The area affected by the construction of the vehicle crossing is to be kept in a safe condition at all times in accordance with the traffic management plan submitted and the work must be competed within 10 working days.
  • Any damage to public or private property to be reinstated to original condition on completion of the work, or earlier as
    required by a Council delegated officer.
  • This permit lapses if the work is not completed within 6 months of issue.
  • For all crossings, the existing footpath must be removed and reconstructed in the same material.
  • The “Hamilton City Council” Vehicle Crossing Standard is to extend to the legal boundary of the road reserve and adjacent property.
  • Contact local utilities for service locations and service plans.

2. Residential

  • 3m minimum width 5.5m maximum width (width of property boundary).
  • If corner site or existing crossing already servicing property please indicate location and size on site plan.
  • Crossing material must match existing footpath.

3. Commercial/Industrial

  • 5m minimum width 7.5m maximum width (width at property boundary).
  • Crossing material must match existing footpath.

4. Application fees

  • When submitting this application an application fee must be paid.
  • The application fee covers the processing of this application, pre-pour inspection, and final inspection. It may also include
    any other inspections as required by the Infrastructure Connections Coordinator.
  • Should any re-inspections be required due to a failed inspection, Hamilton City Council may charge a re-inspection fee.
  • All fees and charges are outlined on our website

Step 2: You

Submit your application

Download the hard copy form below and submit it

By post

Hamilton City Council
Private Bag 3010
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240

By email

Scan and send to


Submit the application online

Proposed crossing

Crossing type

Existing footpath type

Steep driveway? (slope exceeding 1:12)

All service authorities contact and clearances given (gas/water and wastewater/electricity/etc)

Max file size: 300 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx


A crossing inspection will need to take place before pavement construction, we will endeavour to contact you to book this, otherwise please phone (07) 838 6699 for this inspection.

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Last updated 7 October 2022