Step 1 - YOU

Before you apply

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your application.

By email

By phone

07 838 6699

An Environmental Health Officer will inspect your premises before you apply and if it complies with regulations, you can go ahead and register online.

Please note registration can only be issued once all other consents such as trade waste consents and building consents have been issued.

You must pay an annual registration fee and your premises will be regularly inspected to ensure compliance once you are registered.


Fees you might expect

[hairdressers, offensive trades, camping-grounds, mortuaries] These fees apply to all regulated businesses under the Health Act 1956
Premises Registration Fees
(a) New registrations: July to December $287.00
(a) New registrations: January to June $144.00
(b) Upon renewal of registration $175.00
(c) Upon noting of certificate after any change in occupation of the premises $57.00
Registration Fees -
Funeral directors
(with no mortuary)
Registration Fee upon application for new registration $57.00
Registration Fee upon renewal of registration $57.00
Resource Management Act
Actual and reasonable costs associated with processing applications for consent and for the monitoring of conditions of consent in relation to: per hour $193.00
Information requests
On application for an extract from any record or register (per application) $57.00
Photocopying and Printing - A4 $1.60
Photocopying and Printing - A3 $2.90
Noise control
a) Recovery of seized property $281.00
b) Recovery of costs for disabling building and car alarms:- as invoiced

Step 2 - YOU

The application


What to expect

Pre-opening inspection

One of our Health Officers will be in touch within 10 working days to book a pre-opening inspection.

At the inspection the officer will either approve your application or recommend changes that need to be made.

Issuing a registration

Once the application has been approved by the Health Officer we will issue you a registration certificate.

Renewing your registration

Your registration expires each year on 30 June. We will post you a renewal application form before then.

When you receive this form, please complete and return it to us before your registration expires otherwise you will have to pay a higher fee for a new application.

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Last updated 18 July 2022