Step 1 - YOU

Before you apply

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your application.

By email 

By phone 

07 838 6699


Fees you might expect

[hairdressers, offensive trades, camping-grounds, mortuaries] These fees apply to all regulated businesses under the Health Act 1956
Premises Registration Fees
(a) New registrations: July to December $270.00
(a) New registrations: January to June $135.00
(b) Upon renewal of registration $165.00
(c) Upon noting of certificate after any change in occupation of the premises $37.00
Registration Fees
Funeral directors
(with no mortuary)
Registration Fee upon application for new registration $37.00
Registration Fee upon renewal of registration $37.00
Resource Management Act
Actual and reasonable costs associated with processing applications for consent and for the monitoring of conditions of consent in relation to: per hour $182.00
Building Act
Actual and reasonable costs associated with processing application for consents, which may include but not be limited to:
Information requests
On application for an extract from any record or register (per application) $46.00
Photocopying and Printing - A4 $1.30
Photocopying and Printing - A4 Where staff time exceeds 30 minutes per hour (15-min units) $23.00
Photocopying and Printing - A3 $2.45
Photocopying and Printing - A3 Where staff time exceeds 30 minutes per hour (15-min units) $23.00
Noise control
a) Recovery of seized property $265.00
b) Recovery of costs for disabling building and car alarms:- as invoiced


Step 2 - YOU

The application


Pre-opening inspection

One of our Health Officers will be in touch within 10 working days to book a pre-opening inspection.

At the inspection the officer will either approve your application or recommend changes that need to be made.

Issuing a registration

Once the application has been approved by the Health Officer we will issue you a registration certificate.

Renewing your registration

Your registration expires each year on 30 June. We will post you a renewal application form before then.

When you receive this form, please complete and return it to us before your registration expires otherwise you will have to pay a higher fee for a new application.

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Last updated 18 July 2022