Step 1: You

What you need to know

Tickets must be paid within 28 days after the ticket has been issued. 

You will need:

  • infringement number or the parking ticket
  • vehicle’s registration number

Fines vary depending on the type of infringement and length of time overstayed.

Our parking officers can also issue infringements for expired certificates of fitness (heavy motor vehicles), warrants of fitness and registrations.

All parking fees are set by Government not by Council.

Step 2: You

Paying the fine

Pay online

Pay your parking ticket

Pay in person

You can pay by eftpos debit/credit card, or in cash, just bring your ticket with you to Customer Services 7.45am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

260 Anglesea St
Hamilton, 3204

You can park for free for up to 10 minutes in the car park on Anglesea Street behind our building. 

Payments can also be made at Te Kete Aronui Rototuna Library from 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Te Kete Aronui Rototuna Library
30 North City Road

Carpark access off Korikori Green

Pay by internet transfer

Include the parking ticket infringement number and your vehicle’s licence plate number in the details we (the payee) will see.

If there are three information fields, put ‘Parking’ in the first one, then your ticket number and licence plate number in the other two. 

The account number to pay your fine into is:  

Hamilton City Council
02 0316 0030142 06

Step 3: Council

Payment processing and receipts

We’ll process your payment as soon as possible, and if you’re paying in person we’ll issue you with a receipt. When paying online or via internet banking payment methods will display the receipt automatically.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don't pay my parking infringement fine?

If you do not pay for your parking infringement fine within 28 days from the date the ticket was issued, a reminder notice may be sent to you.

If the fine is not paid within a further 28 days after the reminder notice date, it will be lodged with debt-collection agency Baycorp.

Important things to note if your fine is lodged with Baycorp:

  • Hamilton City Council cannot accept payment once the fine is lodged with Baycorp.
  • Hamilton City Council cannot review the fine once it is lodged with Baycorp.
  • You will need to make payment to Baycorp.
  • Baycorp do not add a fee to the fine.
  • Baycorp will assess if a part-payment arrangement is possible.

For more information about how to pay visit the Baycorp website.

If the infringement remains unpaid, the fine will then be passed over to the Ministry of Justice for collection with additional administration costs added to your fine.


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Last updated 20 March 2023