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See different ways to pay your rates including direct debit by credit card or bank account, bank transfer or pay in person. 

We have many payment options available to pay your rates. If you haven’t already, you can also choose to receive your rates invoice via email instead of in the post.

Find your rates number online


Pay by flexible payment platform (coming soon!)

Pay your rates the easy way. We are improving our current direct debit system by introducing new, easier and more flexible ways to pay rates. 

This new option gives you the freedom to manage your rates payments to suit your needs. You’ll be able to: 

  • set up a personalised payment schedule 
  • pay in full  
  • decide when to pay your rates (for example to align with your pay day) 
  • choose how you pay – direct debit, debit card or credit card 
  • have visibility of payment balances based on your chosen plan.   

Setting up your payments is easy, and you’ll get a text reminder before each upcoming payment and when there are changes to the account.  

In your second rates instalment of 2024/25, your rates invoice will include a personalised QR code allowing you to easily set up and manage your rates payments through your phone or computer. The new payment option will be available to use on our website in September. Keep an eye on your rates invoice for your personalised QR code. 

Find out more about the new platform. 

Pay by direct debit

You can pay your rates by direct debit from your bank account. You’ll need to let us know your bank account number and your preferred frequency of payment. 

Once our new flexible payment platform is up and running, this will be the default payment option for all new direct debit requests. Our current direct debit system is a bit clunky, so we recommend switching over to the easier and more flexible payment platform when it’s ready. 

Pay it


Pay by bank transfer

You can pay your rates by direct one-off payments to Hamilton City Council. 


Particulars: Rates 
Code: Rates Number 
Reference: Property Address 

Pay online

You can pay your rates by direct one-off payments to Hamilton City Council.

Pay it 

Pay in person

260 Anglesea St
Hamilton, 3240
(Open 7.45am - 5pm Monday to Friday) 


Te Kete Aronui Rototuna Library
30 North City Road
(Open 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday) 

New payment platform FAQs

What is Payble?

Payble is the digital platform that allows Hamilton City Council ratepayers to set up their flexible payment schedules. All payment and personal information are stored safely and meets the highest requirements for data security.   

How do I use this way of payment?

All you need to do is scan the QR code on your rates notice, follow the simple steps to register for the first time and choose how to pay your rates. We'll make sure to send you text reminders of upcoming payments, so you’ll never be surprised. You will also be able to update your payment schedule through your mobile phone.  

Can I skip a payment?

Yes. If you have set up a flexible payment schedule, you can skip a payment. Click on your payment plan and select “Skip Next Payment” from the option menu. That one payment will then be split across the remaining payments for the rest of the instalment. You cannot skip payments if you have chosen the “Autopay” payment type. If you have registered for Autopay, you automatically pay the total amount due on the due date.   

How many times can I skip a payment?

Scheduled payments can be skipped twice at most. You cannot skip your final payment that is part of a flexible payment plan. It is important to know that if your payment schedule is cancelled because of continued failed payments, then rates penalties may apply.  

Can I turn off the payment reminders?

Yes, you can. We encourage you to keep them on so you can get reminders about payments and receive updates if there are any issues with your payment.   

Do I have to use this way of paying?

No, you will still be able to pay in person or by bank transfer. This new payment option makes paying rates easier to manage and provides more flexible options. We encourage you to use this way of payment. This new payment platform will be the default for all new direct debits.  

Can I change or cancel my payment details or schedule?

Changing a payment method is quick and easy. Once you have set up your payment, click in your account icon and view existing payment plans. You can add a new bank account debit or credit card to your profile. Click on your existing plan, cancel the account, or card the current plan is linked to and set up a new plan on your preferred payment method.  

What will happen if there's no money in my account when a payment is due?

We will notify you by text if your direct debit or credit card payment was not successful. If the payment was part of a recurrent payment schedule, we’ll reattempt to process payment after two days, and we will advise you by SMS when this occurs. You can also update your payment methods to pay or skip this payment by logging into your account.   

Do I need to close my account if I sell my property?

Yes, you should cancel your payment plan for that property by using the QR code on your rates invoice. Before you do, check with you solicitor what payments they are expecting you to make prior to property settlement. If you forget to do this, you will receive a text once Council is notified of the ownership change 

Are there credit card payment fees?

A transaction fee of 1% will apply to all credit card payments. Council incurs merchant fees whenever a credit card is used. We do our best to ensure we can make the fee as low as possible.   This includes a one-off credit card payment, or where you have set up a recurring payment schedule using your credit card. Direct credit payments (from a bank account) do not incur any fees. 

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Last updated 17 July 2022