Step 1: You

What you need to know

We want dog owners to help make our city safe and friendly for everyone to enjoy.

Dog owners must register their dogs by three months of age and renew this registration every year by 30 June. We post or email registration renewal invoices to all dog owners who registered their dogs the previous year.

Your dog must wear a collar with its registration tag attached. You can get a replacement tag from us if one goes missing. You can be fined for not registering your dog.

If you’ve taken ownership of an unregistered dog, or your dog is registered with another council, you need to register it with us within 14 days.

1. Are you 16 years or older?

You must be older than 16 to register as a dog owner.

2. Register three or more dogs

If you want to keep three or more dogs on your property, you will need a special permit. This permit must be renewed annually. We’ll automatically send you the appropriate forms to complete when you register three or more dogs with us.

Fees for three or more dogs​

You will need to pay $85 for a special permit to keep three or more dogs, then $40 to renew this permit annually. This is in addition to the registration fee for each dog.

To apply for a multiple dog permit:

You must have written consent from your surrounding boundary neighbours before you can apply or renew your permit.
All dogs must be registered for the current year. If not, your permit application will be declined, or your permit may be revoked.
Your property must be fully fenced.


3. Do you have everything you need to complete your registration?

You will be asked to attach these certificates when registering your dog for the first time:

  • Desex certificate – if your dog has been desexed.
  • Microchip certificate – if your dog has been microchipped.

If you are renewing your dog registration, you will need your:

  • Registration renewal invoice – you should have received this invoice from us by post or email 
  • Dog owner or dog tag number – these will be on your renewal invoice.

4. Do you meet the following criteria?

If you meet one of the following criteria, then please complete the form.

  • I want to register one or more puppies that are less than three months old.
  • I have taken ownership of an unregistered adult dog. 
  • I have moved to Hamilton and my dog is registered with another council.
  • I want to renew my dog registration and I have received my invoice. (Please email or call 07 838 6632 if you haven’t received your invoice.)

What fees to expect

How much you need to pay depends on the age of the dog and factors such as whether your dog is imported and whether you’ve been a responsible dog owner.

Pay on time to avoid a penalty fee

Dog owners must pay registration fees by 30 June each year. You’ll be charged a late payment if you pay after 31 July. The late payment fee is 50% of the fee charged so you can save a lot by paying on time.


You’ll receive a $15 discount if you renew your dog registration by 30 June each year.

Check your fees

How much you pay to register your dog depends on which category below applies to you.

Category one

you are eligible for this category if you have:

  • had no substantiated complaint(s), warnings, impounding, or infringement notices or been prosecution and offence-free for a 24-month period
  • met the legal requirements to register your dog.
Category two

All other dog owners will be classified as category two and will have to pay the full fee to register their dogs.

Fees summary

Find out which registration fee applies to you below.

Dog registration fees up to 30 June
Category 1 $90.00
Category 2 $165.00
Dog registration fees after 30 June
Category 1 $106.00
Category 2 $181.00
50% Penalty - Applies to registrations after 31 July
Category 1 $159.00
Category 2 $271.00

How to pay

Pay in person

Animal Education and Control

217 Ellis Street
Hamilton 3240

Open seven days, 12.30pm to 4.30pm (excluding public holidays).

Council Offices

260 Anglesea Street
Hamilton 3240

Pay online

New registration – You can pay online when you register your dog for the first time.
Re-registration – Renew and pay for your dog registration online when you receive your annual invoice from us.

Step 2: You

Complete your registration

Step 3: Council

What happens next?

Once you’ve registered your dog and we’ve received your payment, you’ll receive your new dog tag within 10 working days. Please note during the registration renewal period there maybe tag delays of up to 15 working days.

Dogs are required to always wear a collar with their current registration tag. 

  • If your dog is not wearing a collar with a current registration tag attached, it will be treated as unregistered.
  • You can get a replacement tag from us if your dog's tag has been lost or stolen.
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Last updated 9 May 2023