Step 1: You

Read our checklist first

1. Is the water leak on public land?

For leaks on your property, call a plumber.

2. Is it a major leak?

If water is gushing out of the leak, call us immediately on 07 838 6699.

3. Has it already been reported?

Check our map if the leak has been reported.



Report a new leak

Max file size: 300 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,jpg,jpeg,png,txt

Step 3: Council

What happens next?

1. We investigate the leak, and prioritise it for repair

We aim to:

  • investigate gushing leaks or major damage within an hour, and repair them as soon as possible.
  • repair trickling or slow leaks within five working days.

2. We organise staff, parts and equipment

3. We repair the leak

4. We restore the footpath, grassed area or road

This may be up to a few weeks after the leak has been repaired.


Why can’t Council tell where the leaks are?

Our monitoring equipment identifies some leaks in the over 1000km of underground pipes, but leaks can be hard to track down, so we appreciate the public’s help.

I reported a leak, why hasn’t it been fixed?

We investigate and repair leaks as soon as possible, but attend to the most serious leaks first. Repairs can also be delayed if we need to shut down the water supply (and let residents and business know in advance) or wait for parts or special equipment.

Why do pipes leak?

Tree roots, soil movement, nearby building work and old age can cause pipes to leak. Most of our water pipes are relatively new, but some are around 100 years old.

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Last updated 4 July 2022