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It is normal and healthy for animals to make some noise, but persistent and loud barking or crowing can be a nuisance. Animals roaming the streets can also be a danger to themselves and the community.

We have controls in place to avoid any issues caused by animals being kept on properties in Hamilton. If a neighbour’s animal is being a nuisance, you must report it to us.

1. Is the animal hurt, or do you have a welfare concern?

Is the animal hurt, or you have a Welfare concern? Please call the SPCA on 07 8474868 as their team are warranted under the Welfare Act.

2. Does the animal pose an urgent safety concern for the public?

Please call Animal Education and Control 24/7 on 07 838 6632.

3. Does the issue meet any of the following criteria?

If your issue meets one of the following criteria, then please complete the form.

  • An animal is wandering the streets and you don’t know who it belongs to.
  • A rooster is crowing loudly and persistently and the owner refuses to act.
  • A poorly kept animal is howling in distress.
  • An offensive smell is coming from an animal near your property.
  • An animal keeps escaping onto your property.
  • An animal keeps leaning over your boundary fence.
  • A dog is barking loudly and persistently, and you have already contacted the owner and completed a barking record sheet below.

Download the Barking Record Sheet

If not, then please review these alternatives:

  • Talk or write to the animal owners first (they may not be aware of the problem).
  • If the dog barking continues after you’ve contacted the owner, please record the date, time, and length of each dog barking incident. We may need this record to demonstrate they have reasonable grounds to enter private property.


Complete the form

Please fill in the form and submit your report. Remember to upload the Barking Record Sheet if you are reporting a dog barking issue.

Please include the following with your description of the issue:

  • Event – detailed description of what is happening.
  • Timeframe – how long has the issue been happening?

Problem you are reporting

Max file size: 300 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx,jpg,jpeg,png


What happens next?

Depending on the case, an Animal Education and Control Officer may visit to assess and step in if necessary. If an animal is howling or crowing persistently, roaming freely or in distress, we may issue a warning to the owner or impound the animal.

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Last updated 17 July 2022