Step 1: You

What you need to know

Learn about the journey of these ‘three waters’ in relation to your home, our city, and our water networks and treatment plants. Pump water around the model, turn taps, imitate a wastewater blockage, create stormwater from a raincloud, discover the significance of paa sites on the riverbanks, and learn more about the cultural significance of the Waikato River from its source at Lake Taupo to its sea outlet at Port Waikato through the model’s table skirt (designed by students of Te Wharekura o Kirikiriroa).

Learning opportunities:

  • How water is drawn from the Waikato River and treated for consumption
  • What wastewater is, and where it goes after it leaves the house
  • What happens to stormwater from roads and roofs
  • What a pump station is and why they are a key part of our water network
  • The cultural significance of the Waikato River
  • Historic paa sites along the river
  • Recreational enjoyment of the Waikato River and what it means to our community

Suitable for:

  • School groups and classes (ages 5-16)
  • Community and interest groups
  • Supporting lessons (water and water treatment, environment, Maaori culture in the Waikato, science)

Step 3: Council

What you can expect from us

We will do what we can to fulfil your booking request. If we can't fulfil your request due to availability and health of our activators, location of the booking, weather, availability of the model or damage and/or repairs, we will contact you to rebook your class or group.

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Last updated 7 July 2023