What is an OIA/LGOIMA request?

If you want information that is not available on this website (including in responses to previous OIA/LGOIMA requests) or from staff, you can make an official information (OIA/LGOIMA) request.

Any individual, group or organisation can make an OIA/LGOIMA request. These requests are governed by LGOIMA and OIA Acts.


CCTV Footage Requests

In order for us to release this kind of information, we would require a complete Police Report with an accompanying police request for the footage. Alternatively, and more commonly, you can have your Insurance providers contact us directly for footage.

Please ensure that your Insurance provides a release form, signed by yourself, for this information.

This is required to ensure the privacy all parties involved is not infringed upon.

Until we receive this form, we are unlikely to be able to progress your request. If neither Insurance nor police have been contacted, we will assess your request on a case-by-case basis.

Note – CCTV Footage is only held for a maximum of seven days from the date it was taken.

Can Council withhold information?

We may withhold information for specific reasons, and if we do, will explain why. The specific reasons are set out in the LGOIMA, and include to:

  • protect peoples' privacy
  • maintain legal privilege
  • enable Council to carry out its commercial activities
  • protect the safety of any person
  • protect confidential or commercially sensitive information
  • protect public health or safety.

Try searching for your query first

Chances are someone has requested the information you're after before.

Try searching for your query before submitting a request.

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What you need to know

Check if the information is publicly available

Before making an official information request, search this website to check if the information is already available.

Search previous responses

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Possible fees

There is typically no charge, however the decision to charge will be made at Hamilton City Council's discretion and in alignment with our LGOIMA Charging Policy.

Our management policy regarding charging is consistent with the Ministry of Justice Charging Guidelines for OIA requests and the Ombudsman's charging guidance which can be found here.

You are entitled to one hour free and 20 pages of photocopying free of charge. After that, charges of $38 per 30 minutes, and 20 cents per page of photocopying applies. We may also recover any other actual costs, such as special consultancy fees or other materials. This is set out in our fees and charges schedule here.

Urgent requests

If you want your request to be treated as urgent, you must give reasons explaining the need for urgency.

STEP 2: You

Max file size: 100 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx,jpg,jpeg,png


What to expect

We will acknowledge your request within three working days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please check your spam folder and if there is still nothing please contact us directly at officialinformation@hcc.govt.nz

Please note @xtra accounts may send Council emails to spam, if possible, please provide an alternative email address.

We'll advise you if a fee is involved before we begin working on your request, and you can continue, withdraw or refine your request. We may ask you to pay some or all of this fee in advance.

We'll provide the information you have requested as soon as possible (within 20 working days). 

We'll also publish our response to your request on this website.

If your request involves a large amount of information, or requires us to consult with other parties, the timeframe for responding can be extended under the LGOIMA. In this case, we let you know within 20 working days why and how much additional time is needed.

If the information you want is held by another agency covered by the LGOIMA and we transfer your request to them, we let you know within 10 working days.

Review of decisions

If you are unhappy with a decision to withhold information, to charge you a fee, to extend the time frame on a request or you have concerns about how we have dealt with your request, you are able to have the decision investigated and reviewed by the Office of the Ombudsman.

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Last updated 12 December 2023