Step 1: You

What you need to know

Before you start you'll just need the property address.

We may be able to supply information on:

  • building property files
  • floor plans
  • drainage plans
  • code of compliance certificates.

Fees you might expect

Property file requests
Residential property per file $16.50
Commercial property per file $93.00
Where the time for the preparation of this file exceeds over an hour then this additional charge will apply per hour $77.00
Information Requests
Property Information Search Request $16.50
Where staff search time exceeds 15 minutes, additional hourly rate per hour $77.00

Step 2: You

Specific information requested

*Please note: Only building permits, drainage permits, and building consents are to be issued under this request, land use consents, subdivision, earthquake or planning information are not authorised.

The customer will receive all building consent related information, we don’t search for individual documents except those indicated above. Please be aware that prior to the Building Act 1991 (passed in July 1992) plans were not required to be kept on record so there may be limited or no information on properties that are older than 1993.

Hand written records prior to the building act are kept in the archives area of the main library – these are handwritten entries into a ledger, there are no plans held at the library.

How would you like to receive the information?

Step 3: Council

Our team will be in touch within 2 working days to confirm any fees. 

We try to supply your files within 5 working days

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Last updated 12 July 2022