Lost Dogs

Dog owners must microchip and register their dogs so they can be quickly identified and returned to their owners.

If you’ve lost your dog, please call Animal Education and Control on:

We’ll add the name and description of your dog to our Lost Dog Book to reunite you both more quickly.

You can also contact your neighbours, make flyers, and post messages on local community noticeboards.

Make sure your contact details are up to date

Found dogs

If you find a dog, please call so we can arrange a time to pick up the dog.

If you’d prefer to drop the dog off, our dog kennel is open 12:30pm – 4.30pm daily.
We’ll contact the owner (if known) or add the dog to our Found Dogs Register.

Unclaimed dogs

Dogs that are unclaimed after seven days become the property of Hamilton City Council and can be adopted out or put down.

Animal Education and Control officers have the right to seize and impound any wandering dog. The dog owner must pay the impounding costs before a dog can be released.

What fees you may expect

Miscellaneous Fees Dogs
First impoundment $84.00
Second impoundment $153.00
Third impoundment $245.00
Sustenance per day $19.00
Collars actual cost
Tag replacement $5.00
Dog sign over $65.00
Puppy parvo vaccination actual cost

Kennel dogs

Breed Colour Gender Date found Location found
Mastiff Tan and White Male Jun 7, 2023 Beech, Hillcrest
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Brindle Female Jun 7, 2023 Masters, Hillcrest
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Tan and White Female Jun 6, 2023 Cobham, Hillcrest
Terrier Staffordshire Bull White and Brindle Male Jun 6, 2023 May, Hamilton East
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Black and White Female Jun 4, 2023 Tristram, Hamilton Central
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Tan and Black Female Jun 3, 2023 Mahoe, Melville
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Tan Female Jun 2, 2023 Lynden, Chartwell
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Black and White Male Jun 1, 2023 MacFarlane, Hamilton East
Mastiff Bull Tri-Colour Male May 31, 2023 Sunnyside, Nawton
Bulldog Black and White Male May 29, 2023 Masefield, Enderley
Bulldog American Black and White Female May 28, 2023 Clarkin, Fairfield
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Tri-Colour Male May 26, 2023 Stanley, Claudelands
Mastiff Black and White Female May 26, 2023 Te Rapa, Beerescourt
Retriever Labrador Tan and White Female May 26, 2023 Heath, St Andrews
Huntaway Black and Tan Female May 26, 2023 Masefield, Enderley
Cattle Australian Tri-Colour Male May 25, 2023 Pukete, Pukete
Shar Pei Brown Female May 25, 2023 Kittyhawk, Melville
Retriever Labrador Black Male May 24, 2023 Thackeray, Hamilton Lake
Huntaway Brown Male May 23, 2023 Clarkin, Fairfield
Retriever Labrador Tan and White Female May 22, 2023 Brooklyn, Claudelands
Bulldog Tan and White Male May 16, 2023 Baverstock, Nawton
Mastiff Black and White Female May 8, 2023 May, Hamilton East
Mastiff White and Black Male May 8, 2023 Bader, Bader
Huntaway Black and Tan Male Apr 30, 2023 Carlson, Silverdale
Terrier Jack Russell White and Black Female Apr 27, 2023 Culverdon, Dinsdale
Terrier American Staffordshire Brindle Male Apr 17, 2023 Thomas, Huntington
Retriever Labrador Tan and White Female Apr 16, 2023 Pukete, Pukete
Terrier Staffordshire Bull Brindle and White Female Apr 14, 2023 Clarkin, Fairfield
Cattle Australian White and Tan Female Apr 12, 2023 Ohaupo, Melville
Collie Border Tri-Colour Male Apr 8, 2023 Tristram, Hamilton Central
Huntaway Tri-Colour Female Jan 8, 2023 Crosby, Chartwell


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