As a Council, we have a big responsibility to lead the way when it comes to responding to climate change. While we work on the big stuff, there are some small, everyday actions you can take to help reduce our city’s emissions and prepare for the future.

Help us to reduce emissions:

  • Walk, cycle or take the bus whenever you can, and leave your car at home.
  • Use your kerbside bins correctly, and don’t forget to put food waste in your green bin.
  • Conserve water – our awa is precious, and every drop counts.
  • Plant a native tree in your backyard or join one of our community planting days.
  • Talk to your friends and whaanau about how they can help.

How to prepare for climate change:

  • Extreme weather events will be more common, so get your emergency kit ready. Check out
  • Check out Floodviewer to see how different areas in Hamilton may be affected by flooding caused by extreme rainfall.
  • Consider planting native trees that can help create shade in hot weather, provide habitat for our native animals and protect your property from flooding.
  • Make sure your house is energy efficient – check your insulation and invest in good curtains.
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Last updated 28 September 2023