Appointing managers

You must notify the Committee and police when you:

  • appoint a new certified manager
  • cancel or terminate a certificated manager
  • hire a temporary or acting manager.

Please fill in the form below and post or email it to the Committee and police (the addresses are on the form).

Notice of Management Change form 

The Committee may, within five working days of receiving this notice, inform the licensee that it does not approve the appointment.


Managers without certificates

There may be times when you need to employ a person who doesn’t have a manager's certificate.​​​

Temporary manager

If your manager is sick or absent for any reason,  dismissed or resigns, you can appoint a temporary manager who may or may not hold a manager's certificate.

There must be a genuine emergency for your existing certified manager to be absent.

For two days or less, you need to make sure:

  • the duty manager sign reflects 'temporary manager'
  • this change is recorded in your manager’s register (who they are replacing and for how long).

For more than two days, you also need to make sure:

  • the appointee applies for a manager's certificate while continuing to work as a temporary manager
  • you send a Notice of Management Change form to the Committee and the police
  • you keep copies of all the paperwork in your manager’s register.

Acting manager

You can hire an acting manager for up to three weeks if a manager ​is sick or absent and for periods of up to six weeks a year to replace a manager on annual leave.

You need to make sure:

  • you complete a Notice of Management Change form
  • the duty manager sign reflects 'acting manager'
  • this fact is recorded in your manager’s register
  • you keep copies of all the paperwork in your manager’s register.


Manager’s register

You must keep a record of all the certified duty managers, acting managers and temporary managers you appoint on the premises. 

Your manager’s register must contain the following details for each manager:

  • their full name, date of birth and gender
  • the number and expiry date of their manager's certificate
  • their date of appointment and if applicable, the date of termination
  • a copy of their manager's certificate
  • a copy of the Notice of Management Change form.

Your manager’s register is a working document that should be updated as changes happen. You must keep this information for at least two years. 

Please feel free to download the manager’s register template below if you don’t already have one. 

Manager's register template


Systems, staff and training guidelines

Alcohol licensees must have appropriate systems and regular staff training in place to make sure their alcohol sale and supply activities operate within the law.

Why is this important?

It’s important that managers, licensees and their staff understand the law: 80% of businesses that fail police Controlled Purchase Operations do so because untrained staff make the sale.

What you need to do?

The Committee requires evidence of training systems in place, or information around what systems will be put in place in the future, with all applications.
It also expects all licensee company directors and other business partners have obtained the Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ).​


Some examples of systems you could have in place to ensure compliance with the law are:

Signage at the points of sale

Signage regarding the prohibition of sale to minors and intoxicated persons are for the staff to use as back up. This is a mandatory condition of your licence, but you need to also make sure these signs explain the rules. You can collect these signs from our office, order them online from the Health Promotion Agency or you can make your own.

Till prompts

You can install software systems that remind staff to check a customer’s age before a sale is made.

Mystery shoppers

There are organisations that arrange these in the form of a mock Controlled Police Operations (using an 18-year-old), or you can arrange them yourselves. Remember to record all the details. Make sure staff are advised of the process and there are steps in place to penalise them if they fail.

Host responsibility policy

Have an effective host responsibility policy in place and displayed for the staff and customers at all points of sale.

Intoxication assessment guidelines

Intoxication assessment guidelines displayed for your staff to refer to. You can collect copies for free from us or order them from the Health Promotion Agency.


A properly appointed manager must be always on duty and on the premises when alcohol is available for sale. You need to show you have an adequate number of managers appointed so that a duty manager will always be onsite if alcohol is sold.



All staff must receive training in host responsibility practices and general compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

You will need to provide a copy of any training programmes and evidence of the staff being trained every six months at a minimum.

Some examples of training you could have in place to ensure compliance with the law are:

  • Ongoing training using a copy of your licence, your host responsibility policy and the intoxication assessment guidelines, which are then discussed and signed off as being received, read and understood.
  • Using useful resources from the Health Promotion Agency. You can collect these from our Council office or order them from the Health Promotion Agency. 
    The Bar Code: frontline bar staff and the law. 
    Host Responsibility: guidelines for licensed premises.
    The Manager's Guide 2014.
    Intoxication assessment guideline​​.
  • Many organisations have their own in-house training packages that all staff must complete/attend on a regular basis. But there are also external training organisations that do seminars and provide certificates of attendance.
  • You could get all staff to complete and hold the Licence Controller Qualification, even if they do not want a manager's certificate. All licensee company directors and other business partners should have the Licence Controller Qualification​, even if they personally do not want a manager's certificate.
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Last updated 30 May 2022