Charitable events and sausage sizzles

If you do a sausage sizzle or sell another kind of food as a fundraiser for a charitable organisation, and you do this fewer than 20 times a year, you do not need a food registration certificate.

However, you will need to apply for a food registration certificate if you want to sell food to raise money more often than this.

MPI Food safety tips

Food stalls at events

Food stalls are temporary structures used to sell or give away food at events, fairs or markets. Larger fundraising events such as school fairs usually have several food stalls including registered food trucks and food made at home for the event. 

As the event organiser you're responsible for keeping the public safe when eating at your event.

Event organisers need to provide us with information about food safety and the stallholders.

Event organisers must check that food stallholders:

  • have a food registration certificate if they are selling food as a business
  • understand food safety requirements if they are fundraising.

Before the event takes place, event organisers must complete the application form below and provide:

  • a list of all food stallholders
  • details of the equipment supplied for the event
  • copies of any relevant food registration certificates for each stallholder.

Who is exempt?

You don’t need to apply for a food registration certificate to sell food from a food stall in Hamilton if:

  • you are a charity organisation or are fundraising, and sell food fewer than 20 times a year
  • you run a club, organisation or society that sometimes sells food at member events.
  • you don't usually sell food and want to set up a one-off stall.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has listed all the food businesses that are exempt from requiring registration:

Who is exempt from Food Act requirements?

MPI Food safety tips

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Last updated 18 July 2022