A step-by-step approach

The high-level principles and step-by-step process that guide Council staff when presented with a partnership proposal are here.

1. Step one

The first step involves potential partners submitting a proposal (use the form further down this page). Primarily, during this step Council is interested to identify if the proposal: 

  • meets an existing community need or provides real benefit; 
  • aligns with the guiding principles for partnership as well as Council strategy, policy and regulations; and 
  • represents good use of limited Council resources. 

Council will also do a thorough assessment of the product or service and proposed partnership terms to determine its desirability and viability. Some proposals may not make it past Step 1. You will be notified of the outcome and any requests for more information.  

2. Step two

If a proposal passes the initial assessment, Council staff will work with senior management and potentially Elected Members to confirm Council’s preferences and requirements. Involvement of the potential partner is minimal during this stage. 

The outcome of step two could be for staff to: 

  • undertake further investigations;
  • decline the proposal; or
  • present the provider with an offer to progress (which may be an invitation to join an open market procurement process or, in special circumstances involve considerations of a direct appointment).  

What to include in your proposal

The proposal

The process can move faster by ensuring your proposal demonstrates alignment with Council expectations and provides as much detail as possible up front.  

When submitting your proposal to partner with us, Council expects to see two components – a clear proposal and detailed supporting information. 

The proposal should describe the infrastructure or service that you wish to engage with Council on, the type of partnership arrangement you are proposing and any specific terms. The proposal should: 

  • demonstrate alignment with Council strategy, policy and regulations (refer links below) 
  • identify expected benefits and measurable outcomes the partnership will deliver 
  • describe any preferred partnership arrangements or conditions, including potential financial and ongoing operational or management arrangements 
  • outline expected steps and timing from initiation of an agreement to ‘go live’ 
  • include your company name, address, contact person(s) and their email and phone. 

Supporting information

Provide as much detail as possible on any infrastructure, technology, associated software or services to Council’s assessment of viability and compatibility with existing systems and processes. Consider: 

  • detailed technical/product specifications (e.g. dimensions, electricity draw, installation requirements) and that of any associated software/data systems including interoperability 
  • connectivity (e.g. if a power source is required, how much, who pays for any new connection?) 
  • suggested locations for infrastructure or operation and explanation of why these are preferred/needed there 
  • full costing of the proposal and financial expectations for each party – include all costs broken down into capital expenditure and any ongoing operational expenditure 
  • other supporting evidence for the proposal – for example case studies of existing partnerships, needs assessment specific to Hamilton, independent reviews of the product 
  • consider also providing information that helps staff carry out due diligence on the business in general, any business planning you have done for Hamilton and future intent 
  • is there room for future innovations or ‘smart’ additions to ensure future-proofing, maximisation of benefits. Are there specific environmental considerations or benefits? 

Support resources for potential partners

Submit your partnership proposal

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Last updated 7 June 2024