Loading Zones

Loading zones are signposted areas with time limits, sited immediately outside businesses, facilities and venues. You can use these areas for the time limit displayed if you are picking up or dropping off something in relation to the businesses near these zones. Please note the vehicle needs to be registered as a goods vehicle to use a goods vehicle loading zone only.

Extended parking

If you need to, you can request an extended use of parking permit. For example, where work is being completed that requires you to park your service vehicle in close proximity to the work site – such as a building refit.

Parking hoods

You can also request a parking hood as part of your extended parking permit application if you wish. You can use these to put over a parking meter so they are on display while work is in progress. (Work in progress is defined as construction or premises maintenance work, or relocation).

  • There is a cost for a parking hood per day for all metered parking spaces.
  • Maximum period of time allowed is five working days – renewal is through a new application.
  • Parking hoods and permits are not issued for private vehicles.
On-street Parking
On-Street Meter Parking - First 2 hours Free
On-Street Meter Parking - After first 2 hours per hour - up to 4 hours $6.00
Short-term reservation per day $30.00
Long-term reservation per negotiated rate
CBD long stay parking $6.00

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Last updated 9 June 2022