What can I do if I think a vehicle is parked illegally?

If there is a vehicle that you believe is parked illegally, you can contact our Customer Service team on 07 838 6699.

Examples of illegal parking include:

  • parked facing the wrong way on the street
  • parked over or within one metre of a driveway
  • parked on yellow lines
  • illegally parked in a mobility space. 

One of our parking staff will check the situation as soon as they are free to do so and will prioritise vehicles left in a dangerous, unsafe condition or location.

If the illegally-parked vehicle is parked on private property (i.e. not on a public roadside or footpath), you will need to contact the property owner to let them know about the situation. 

How do I pay a parking fine?

For questions specifically about paying a parking ticket, see our page

Pay a parking ticket


Parking on the street

On-street parking in central Hamilton is a mix of free, time-limited parking, and metered parking. A limited number of mobility parking spaces are also available on-street.

Council’s paid parking (all on-street and some off-street) is free on Sundays and public holidays, excluding the Garden Place underground car park off Anglesea Street.

Customers visiting Council’s Garden Place offices in the central city can park for a short time for free in the Council car park on Anglesea Street behind the main building.

Council’s on-street parking

Paid parking on the street is free for the first two hours in the heart of the city. The two hours free is per vehicle – sensors in the parking bays keep the parking system updated when a vehicle moves to another space. 

Business and tradespeople can apply for extended on-street parking if needed, and city workers can use Council’s on-street all-day parking areas.

Payment is by coin or eftpos (debit/credit card) at ‘pay and display’ machines, or by using the Pay My Park app, which lets you register the parking space you are in and pay via your cellphone.

Download the Pay My Park app

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All-day parking

About 175 on-street paid parking spaces are available for all-day parking for a flat charge. These are in Liverpool Street, Harwood Street, Nisbett Street, Clarence Street, Knox Street and Grantham Street. Vehicles that park in these spaces are monitored by a roving vehicle equipped with licence plate-recognition technology.

For details on the cost of paid parking in the central city, see fees and charges below.

Council is currently looking at make another seven locations around the outer parts of the central city into all-day paid parking spaces. When looking at what might work best for each area, there are some sections of roads which offer different types of parking.

We are gathering feedback from the homes and businesses along these stretches of road. Following that feedback, changes may be made with a final proposal before going to the Traffic Panel Meeting on 23 May 2023 for approval. Anyone from the community is able to attend the meeting (or watch the livestream) and also has the ability to speak at the meeting in support or opposition of this proposal.

Learn more about how to be involved in the meeting.

Here is a summary of the locations proposed for changes:

1. Grantham Street

At the bottom of Grantham Street, from under the Anzac Bridge to Tisdall Street, we’re proposing around 25 new all-day parking spaces along the river-side of the street. Near the corner of Tisdall Street, and on west side of Grantham Street, there will be around eight new P120 spaces created which are free but only able to be used for up to two hours.

All day paid parking map for Gantham Street by Waikato Rowing Club

2. Hamilton Parade

Along the river-side of Hamilton Parade, we’re proposing to create around 25 all-day parking spaces. This side of the street currently has a two-hour time limit. On the opposite side of the road, we’re looking to create around 12 P120 parking spaces. There are currently no parking restrictions on this section and any time limit is only from Monday to Friday between 8am – 6pm.

3. Old Mill Street

The stretch of 28 angled carparks along Old Mill Street, with no current restrictions, are proposed to become all-day parking.

4. Rostrevor Street

Rostrevor Street, from Victoria Street to Clifton Road, is proposed to have two types of parking. Along the south-side of the street, outside FastLane Fitness, we’re proposing around 10 all-day parking spaces. Along the north-side of the street, we’re proposing to create nine new P120 spaces where there are currently no restrictions. The current P120 spaces, and mobility parking, are not being changes.

5. Tristram Street (near Hinemoa Park)

Tristram Street, from Rostrevor Street to Mill Street, is proposed to have around 28 new all-say parking spaces. There are currently no restrictions. On the opposite side of the road, outside the businesses, we’re proposing to create seven new P120 parking spaces to go alongside the current seven P120 spaces, so there will be 14 in total.

6. Tristram Street (near Seddon Park)

Along the Seddon Park side of Tristram Street, between Bryce Street and London Street, we’re proposing to create 15 all-day parking spaces. There are currently no parking restrictions.

7. Vialou Street

We're proposing changes to Vialou Street between Liverpool Street and Rostrevor Street. Along the east-side of Vialou Street, the Countdown side, we're proposing 22 all-day parking spaces. On the same side of the street, near Rostrevor Street, we're looking to keep the current P30 space and three P120 parking spaces. On the west-side of the street, the proposal includes to create around 22 P120 car parks where there are currently no parking restrictions.

What is the PayMyPark app and how does it work?

PayMyPark makes parking easy, simply find a park and start your parking. It's free to register and to download the App. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play; register your details and pre-load credit via credit card, debit card or internet banking. For more information on the app and how it works visit paymypark.com.

Will changing two-hour spaces into all-day parking hurt local businesses?


We are not taking away all the two-hour free carparks from these areas, there will still be parking available for those using the local businesses. The spaces within the all-day paid parking zones, and the adjacent time-restrictive (two-hour free) parking spaces, will also be actively monitored for compliance. This will ensure local businesses and services continue to have regular turn-over of nearby parking spaces to assist with their trading.

Will more streets be changing to all-day parking?

Yes. In the future, we plan to roll out all-day paid parking to more areas around the central city. We have identified possible locations, including Rostrevor Street, Hamilton Parade and Norton Road, among others. More information on this will be coming soon.

Will this parking always be $6?

As the market for this type of parking grows in our central city, demand responsive pricing could be applied, whereby the cost changes depending on usage.

How will this change in parking revitalise the central city?

Hamilton is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and we're working hard to ensure our central city is positioned to take advantage of all the opportunities this population and economic growth present. With 50% infill or brownfield development planned in the central city, it's becoming more necessary to implement parking changes that will encourage resiliency, economic prosperity and lessen potential future issues. The National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) has removed the minimum parking requirements for new developments and with the central city being a hotspot for these types of developments, it's essential to explore parking initiatives that support this.

Can I reserve a carpark in advance using the app?


You can only pay for a carpark on the day and at the time that you park in an all-day parking zone. The PayMyPark system cannot assign spaces to reserve and there is no way to signal to other road users that spaces are reserved. It is advised that users park in the space first before paying.

What if I pay for my space, but have to leave it to go to an appointment?

As the carpark is vacated others are entitled to use the space, however if you return to the same all-day parking area and a space is available you are entitled to park in a space again without re-paying.

If there are no available parks when you return, a refund is not available. The $6 all-day fee is the same regardless of how long you choose to stay each day.

Fees, charges, and parking durations

Here’s a list of parking-related fees (including info on parking fines), and information on how long you can park in Council-operated car parks.

On-street Meter Parking
First two hours Free
After first two hours per hour - up to 4 hours $6.00


On-street carpark rental
Short-term reservation per day $30.00
Long-term reservation per negotiated rate

Other useful road and transport info

You might like to visit our roads and transport pages too. You’ll find a summary on who is responsible for looking after roads and transport in Hamilton and how this is being done. Learn how to get info to plan your journey to work, school or around the city, and discover what road safety work is being done in Hamilton.

See our tips for workplace travel planning and school travel planning.

See our page below to make payments, applications, requests and report issues related to roads, parking and transport.

How can I?

Frequently asked questions

Why don't you just make all parking free?

Experience around the world indicates that free parking in a city can mean inner city workers take the parks up all day and don't leave any available for shoppers. Not charging for the first two hours means parking is free for most shoppers but still encourages turnover of parks.

Can I pay for the extra hours upfront?

Yes you can if you paid via the Pay My Park app. By using the app you can register your parking space and pay without having to return to your car. 

However you can't pay upfront when using the old parking meters as the meter starts counting from when the money goes in. If you are going to be longer you will need to top the meter up at the end of the two hours free period.

How do parking bay sensors work?

Each parking bay has a number, and this is linked to a sensor and a wifi connection. When you park in a spot, the sensor recognises a vehicle is parked there. Parking wardens scan the vehicle registration details into a mobile device which links that data to the previous record of how long the car has been in that spot.

The sensors also let us know when someone parks in mobility parking spaces, loading zones, clearways, or taxi stands/bus stops in the central city. This helps us to more quickly identify if vehicles are causing safety or access issues.

How can I get extended parking?

This is available to business and trade vehicles only so that they can park by or near places where they are carrying out work, or in relation to an event. If this is you, see our request extended use of parking spaces page.

Who can I contact if my vehicle has been towed?

If you think we may have towed your vehicle contact our Customer Service team by calling 07 838 6699 during office hours, emailing info@hcc.govt.nz, or use the Antenno App to contact them (available to download free on the App Store or Google Play).

One of our parking staff will check the situation as soon as they are free to do so.
Others you can contact to find out who has towed your vehicle include:

  • NZ Police – use their ’10-5’ reporting service – visit their website for contact details.
  • Property owners (if your vehicle was parked on private property.

Find out about abandoned vehicles.

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