At the start of Term two in 2024, the speed limit around all Hamilton primary, intermediate and secondary schools will change to 30km/h.

This change is aimed at helping to ensure safer journeys for students, including those who choose to walk, bike or scooter to school. Reducing speeds to 30km/h around schools aligns with the Hamilton Speed Management Plan 2022 and Council’s Vision Zero goal where there are no serious injuries or deaths on our roads.

A combination of permanent and variable 30km speed limits will come into effect around schools from the first day of Term two on 29 April 2024. At the same time, some school zones will also be adjusted to better reflect students’ journeys to school.

What's happened so far?

Council assessed the area around each of Hamilton’s 58 schools to ensure the infrastructure supports a permanent or varying (during certain hours) 30km/h speed limit. This work included a safety assessment to evaluate the existing infrastructure and consider whether crossing upgrades or other traffic calming treatments were required.  We also worked with schools to understand routes that students were taking to determine whether adjustments were needed to the school zone to cover additional areas such as a longer section of road, or any side streets and back entrances that are frequently used on the journey to school.

In September and October 2023, we carried out public consultation on the proposed change to 30km/h speed limits around schools. During the consultation we received 293 comments from 177 respondents – of these, 63% of comments were supportive of speed reductions around schools, while 19% opposed the changes.

The speed limit change was approved at the Traffic Speed Limit and Road Closure Hearing Panel on 5 December 2023.

What’s happening next?

We will be running an education and awareness campaign in the weeks leading up to and following the speed reductions to ensure there is a good understanding of the change in the community.

You will also begin to see road signs around schools being replaced to reflect the new speed limit and any adjustments to the school zones.

Why is this important?

The relationship between speed and road injuries is well established internationally, so by reducing the speed limit around schools we are taking practical steps to help protect our youngest road users – our children. We also want to see more of our tamariki walk, bike or scooter if they can, and creating safer roads around schools helps to encourage this.

Reducing speeds aligns with our Hamilton Speed Management Plan 2022 and Council’s Vision Zero goal where there are no serious injuries or deaths on our roads.


Find out more about vision zero here

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Last updated 28 March 2024