What do I need to know about sharing the road with others?

It’s really important to be courteous and alert when you’re driving at all times – especially when it comes to sharing the road with other drivers and people on bikes and e-bikes. You also need to watch for micro-mobility devices like e-scooters and e-skateboards – although these devices should be kept to the footpath or paths shared with people on bikes. 

There are also special conditions for motorists around bus lanes.

Be extra-cautious around road crossings – pedestrians, people on bikes and micro-mobility users all use these – so slow down when you’re approaching a crossing and be prepared to stop.

There are also situations where people on bikes get priority on the road in areas where there are sharrows. If you’re using a shared zone in the city, remember – all people using these areas must give way to pedestrians. Again, it’s a case of being aware, slowing right down and being courteous.

Find out more about bus lanes, crossing the road, and sharrows.

Check out the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency information on safe driving tips – and visit the teach someone to drive website (supported by the Agency and ACC).

What other road and transport info do I need to know about?

You might like to visit our roads and transport pages too. You’ll find a summary on who is responsible for looking after roads and transport in Hamilton and how this is being done. Plan your journey to work, school or around the city, and discover what road safety work is being done in Hamilton. Get more details on parking in the central city.

Make payments, applications, requests and report issues related to roads, parking and transport on our how can I? page.

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How can I?

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Last updated 8 June 2022