What they are

A bus lane is a lane reserved by a road marking or signage and operates within specified hours. The lanes are mainly so buses can move through traffic during busy periods without delays affecting their timetables.

Where they are

Hamilton has three bus lanes – on Anglesea Street and Anzac Parade in the central city,​ and Hukanui Road (at the north end of the city). They're there to give buses and their passengers priority, so people using public transport can get around the city more easily and with fewer traffic-related delays. See our Traffic Bylaw 2021 for details on their days and hours of operation. The locations of each bus lane are detailed below:

  • Anglesea Street (from Knox Street to Anzac Parade).​
  • Anzac Parade (from Anglesea Street to Victoria Street).
  • Hukanui Road (from Elmira Avenue to Kensington Place).

What they look like

All bus lanes are indicated by signage, and the Anglesea Street and Anzac Parade bus lanes also have red line markings painted on the road.​ Five Busit routes use this bus lane.

Who can use them

  • Vehicles are not allowed on a bus lane, or the parking spaces within it, when the bus lane is active (but they can when it’s not).
  • Bikes, e-bikes, motorbikes and mopeds can use a bus lane during its operating hours.
  • Emergency vehicles can use them during an emergency, at any time.

If you use a parking space within an operating bus lane, your vehicle could be ticketed and/or towed.

If you see an issue with a bus lane or how people are using it, you can report it.

Other bus lane info

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Last updated 30 June 2022