Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we must take extra care over the holidays as our local roads and highways get busier.

If you’re heading out, it’s a good idea to gather traffic and weather information before you leave to help you plan your journey. You can find complete road information at

We’ve put together some handy road safety tips to keep in mind when driving these holidays. Let’s look out for each other, we’re all in this together.

Share the space

Tip 1: Share the space

Cars, heavy trucks, buses, campervans, and vehicles towing boats or caravans, plus motorcyclists, people on bikes and pedestrians all need to share the road.

Keep safe distances between vehicles, be alert for motorbikes and bikes on the road, and wear bright clothing and suitable protective gear if you’re riding a motorcycle or bike.

Tip 2: If in doubt, grab a ride

Raising a glass too many then driving is a dangerous trap which can be easy to fall into. If you’re drinking alcohol, make the smart choice and grab a ride home with a sober driver. If you’re unsure, don’t drive.

Grab a ride
Drive to the conditions

Tip 3: Drive to the conditions

Speed limits are put in place to help you get to your destination safely. Weather-related issues and traffic often mean you need to drive under the limit and take extra care.


Keep an eye on your following distance, watch for slippery road surfaces during and after rain, and slow down if the sun’s in your eyes.

Tip 4: Watch out for children

Young people are everywhere during the holidays - they’re learning to ride new bikes, playing with balls that bounce onto the street, running around, and just enjoying summer outside.


Children are not very good at judging vehicle speeds or distances, and they can appear from nowhere. Please keep your eyes peeled!

Watch out for children
Be patient

Tip 5: Be patient and keep your cool

Plan ahead, consider what delays might affect your route, and allow enough time to complete your journey stress-free.


With so many vehicles on the road over the holiday break, your usual trip might take an hour or two longer.

Tip 6: Be road ready

If you’re heading off on a road trip, remember to check that your car is road ready with an up-to-date WoF, rego, and first aid kit, plus a jack, crossbar tool, and jumper leads in case you breakdown.


Check petrol, oil, water, and brake fluid levels before you leave, and fully charge your mobile phone in case you’re stuck without a charger for a few hours.

Be road ready
Take lots of breaks v2

Tip 7: Take lots of breaks

Long road trips are tiring, and the summer heat, young children, and whaanau needs can lead to fatigue. Winding roads, unfamiliar areas, and more vehicles on the road mean a higher risk of crashes, so we need to stay alert.


Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you hit the road, take regular breaks, and share the driving if you can.

Tip 8: Be aware

People are out and about more during summer - walking their dogs, enjoying the weather, and catching up with others in the community.


Pedestrians can be hard to see, and to prevent harm and injury on our roads, we need to take care when driving.


Remember to slow down and be ready to stop near schools, bus stops, and pedestrian crossings. Keep an eye out when driving past parked vehicles or vendors on the street as people may walk onto the road without warning.

Be aware
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Last updated 20 December 2023