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Bryant Road Plantation is a narrow strip of land running between Bryant Road and Mahana Road (with a short strip continuing south of Mahana Road). This strip is planted in eucalyptus and she-oaks, including a small row of mahonia along the back of a building to discourage graffiti. The reserve provides a buffer between the industrial activity on Norris Ave and the residential section to the east.

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Do I need an event permit?

An event permit ensures both your event and the safety of attendees is prioritised. You need a permit to host an event in a public park or space in Hamilton, especially when having any of the below:

  • inflatables e.g. bouncy castle
  • amusement devices
  • food for sale, free or fundraising
  • amplified sound e.g PA system
  • music
  • marquee
  • stage
  • road closure.

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Can I book a park for my wedding?

Find out more information below to use one of our parks for your wedding ceremony or reception.

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