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Fraser Tech Park was initially home to the Fraser Tech Rugby Football Club but over time the use of the park for events has required the club to move to Elliott Park for games. The clubrooms are still located across the road from Fraser Tech Park.


There is access to the park off Avon Street, Seddon Road, Wye Street and Mill Street.


One sports field

- Winter
- Rugby
- Full size
- Natural surface
- Goal posts (owned by Fraser Tech Rugby club)
- Sleeves (owned by Fraser Tech Rugby club)

Changing rooms

- Two
- Neutral access


- 10

Walkway linkage

Training lights



- Two
- Neutral access

Suitable for

School sporting events

Small sporting events


Social/fun occasions


Booking enquiry

Sports bookings are for if you need to book a park for sports training or matches. If you’re planning an event with any of items listed below, you’ll only need to apply for an event permit (the park booking will be made as part of this). An event permit ensures both your event and the safety of attendees is prioritised. You need a permit to host an event in a public park or space in Hamilton, especially when having any of the below:

  • inflatables e.g. bouncy castle
  • amusement devices
  • food for sale, free or fundraising
  • amplified sound e.g PA system
  • music
  • marquee
  • stage
  • road closure.

Apply for an event permit

Hamilton City Council

By phone 07 838 6699

Book a sports park

Booking dates

Will you have food for sale or for free?

Will you require access to existing toilets?

Do you need vehicle access to the field?

Do you need access to changing rooms?


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