What is a Code Compliance Certificate?

The Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is a sign-off from us confirming that the completed building work has been built to your approved building consent.

Step 1: YOU

What you need to know

The application must be made by the owner as soon as possible after the project has been completed. Passing the final inspection signals that all the work required by the building consent has been completed.

Before submitting your application, you will need to do the following: 

  • Supply all certification paperwork that has been requested as a condition of the building consent. These documents provide extra information that the officer considers when making the Code Compliance Certificate decision.

    You must include:
    • any energy certificates (electrical and/or gas)
    • all records of work if the project involved restricted building work.

  • If development contributions were required, pay these before applying for a Certificate
  • Pay any fees and charges imposed by the building consent authority.


Step 2: YOU

Submit your application

Complete the Code Compliance Certificate application form on the Build Waikato website.

You can submit your completed application by emailing it, along with the appropriate supporting documentation, through to Building.Unit2@hcc.govt.nz 


Step 3: Council

What to expect from us

Receiving your Code Compliance Certificate

The Building Consent Authority will issue the Code Compliance Certificate if it is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that:

  • that the building work complies with your Building Consent and the Building Code
  • that systems in the building are capable of performing to the performance standards set out in the building consent.

If the project is a commercial building with specified systems, the Compliance Schedule will be issued on the same day as the Code Compliance Certificate.

Project taking longer? Apply for an extension.

If no application for a Certificate has been made within two years since the building consent has been granted, we must decide within 20 working days of the two-year deadline whether or not to issue a Code Compliance Certificate. However, if the owner realises that they are not going to complete the project before the two-year anniversary they can apply for an extension of time through the Build Waikato website.

Apply for an extension

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Last updated 8 July 2022