If you're planning building work, check with us to see if there are wastewater or stormwater pipes in the area:

By viewing service plans online and accessing the wastewater/stormwater plans for the area in question.

By visiting

Hamilton City Council
260 Anglesea Street

For a small fee you can receive a copy of the service plans from the Building Control Unit.

Building work could disturb pipes or the fill material surrounding them, creating a risk of pipe failure, wastewater or stormwater blockages and flooding.

You may be able to build over wastewater or stormwater pipes if conditions allow it and structural designs meet our requirements.

You may not build over wastewater and stormwater manholes and service pipes (connections) in any circumstances. Contact us to discuss the possible relocation of manholes or connections.

By phone

Call our Customer Services team 07 838 6699, Monday to Friday 7.45am - 5.00pm

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Last updated 17 June 2022