Riverside properties may be at risk of flood or instability hazards like erosion, slips and subsidence.

We must alert property owners to hazard information and put this information on file. Hazard information is available to anyone applying for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) on any property.

Every building consent needs to be checked against both District Plan maps and the best available flood information on Floodviewer.

Check this map for the location of these natural hazard areas:

  • Low flood hazard area
  • Medium flood hazard area
  • High flood hazard area
  • Waikato River and gully hazard area
  • Waikato River bank stability area
  • Culvert block flood hazard area
  • Temple View flood hazard area.

Search for your address and under map tools select the relevant hazards. Refer to the legends menu to identify flood hazard areas.

You may need to get resource consent, depending on the activity and/or the severity of the flood hazard, if you want to develop or use a property:

  • within a flood hazard area
  • within 6m of the Waikato River bank
  • within 6m of a gully hazard area.

Get more information on flood and instability hazards and check requirements for your proposed development or activity by contacting our Building Unit on 07 838 6699.

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Last updated 17 June 2022