Step 1: YOU

What you need to know

Pools must be properly fenced and spa pools fenced or covered.

All swimming pools at homes or places people stay (e.g. campgrounds, hotels) must have proper barrier fencing and be inspected every three years by Council.

Spa pools with a water surface area less than 5m2 and sides higher than 760mm can have a lockable cover. These do not have to be inspected. Larger or higher-sided spas must be fenced.

The Government set new rules in 2017 to reduce the number of children drowning in pools and make pool fencing barriers consistent across New Zealand. These rules replaced the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act (1987).

The pool owner is responsible for safety. But depending on the location and use of the pool, responsibility may instead sit with:

  • the pool operator
  • the owner of the land the pool is on
  • the occupier of the property the pool is on
  • the person who is hiring the pool
  • the lease of the pool or the premises the pool is on.

Find out the full requirements for swimming and spa pools barriers:

Visit Build Waikato and Government’s Building Performance website.

Fees you can expect

Swimming Pool & Fencing Compliance
3 yearly pool audit - first visit $223.00
Additional audit visits per hour $223.00

Step 2: YOU

Add or remove a pool on Council’s registry

We keep a register of all pools in Hamilton so they can be inspected. Fill out one of the forms below to apply to remove or add a swimming or spa pool to our swimming pool registry.

Step 3: YOU

Swimming pool inspections

As a pool owner, you might have to:

  • build a new/additional barrier
  • adjust a current barrier
  • install a lockable cover.

If there is no barrier or if your barrier fails inspection, we may issue a notice for you to fix the issues and/or ask you to drain your pool.

We inspect every pool in the city once every three years. You’ll receive a letter when your pool is coming up for inspection. You do not need to be home for the inspection. If you would like to get it done sooner, contact us to book.

Book an inspection earlier

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Last updated 13 July 2022