How to estimate you development contribution

You can use our simple tool to help you estimate possible development contribution charges, or you can refer to the schedule of charges in the Development Contributions Policy. 

Your final charge may vary slightly from the charges in Schedule 1 of the Policy or our estimator tool due to rounding and the stormwater activity. 

Our team will provide you an estimate of development contribution charges when you apply for consent or service connection.

Get an estimate using our Development Contributions Estimator Tool

Our development contribution estimator tool can give you an idea of the contribution charges you may need to pay according to the operative Development Contribution Policy. 

The estimate is based on information available at the feasibility stage of your development. We do not retain information from your estimate. Your results are not a formal estimate from us. 

Please note – The Development Contributions Estimator Tool is based on the current 2023/24 Development Contributions Policy. The draft 2024/25 Development Contributions Policy will be out for consultation from 19 March – 21 April 2024. The estimate will not reflect any updated charges under the draft 2024/25 Development Contributions Policy. As a result the actual development contribution charges may vary from the estimate.

Use our Development Contributions Estimator Tool

Get an estimate using the schedule of charges

Estimate your development contribution charges by referring to Schedule 1 of the Development Contributions Policy:

1. Development type

Find your development type using the definitions in section 6 of the Policy.

2. Geographic catchment

Using the maps in schedule 7, locate the development on Map 1, and then add the wastewater catchment using Map 8 and the stormwater catchment using Map 9.

3. Find your total

Find the relevant development type and catchments using Table 1 and Table 2 in schedule 1 of the Policy. Add the charges for each activity (reserves, stormwater, wastewater, transport, community infrastructure and water) in the row for your catchment area – or use the total on the right. Note: city-wide charges are already included.

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Last updated 27 June 2022