Before you request a refund, remission or special assessment

Please first refer to the relevant section of the applicable Development Contributions Policy: 

  • Section 19 of Council’s Development Contributions Policy: ‘Refunds’
  • Section 18 of Council’s Development Contributions Policy: ‘Remissions’
  • Section 17 of Council’s Development Contributions Policy: ‘Special Assessment’.

Step 1- You

Council may, at its sole discretion, grant a remission of up to 100% to community housing developments.   

In the first instance, please refer to section 18 for full remission criteria and further information.  

When assessing an application, Council will consider the following factors: 

a)  the development must be a not‐for‐profit development;

b)  the land on which the development will occur must be owned by a community housing provider registered with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority or on the charities register;

c)  the applicant on the building consent or resource consent must be registered as a community housing provider with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority;

d)  the development must provide community and/or affordable rental housing that will remain community housing for a minimum of 20 years;

e)  an application for remission must be lodged with Council prior to any development contributions being paid. Development contributions paid prior to an application being lodged will not be eligible for a refund;

f)  any other feature of the development or the developer which Council considers relevant. 


No community housing remission shall be provided to: 

a)  developments with commercial lease agreements; or

b)  development by the Crown and Crown agents including Kāinga Ora.

Step 2 - You

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Step 3 - Council

What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by Council staff and a decision will be issued in due course.  

If we need any further information, we will reach out as soon as possible. 


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Last updated 4 July 2024