Step 1: You

Before you start

If you think we have incorrectly calculated your development contribution charge, you can make a request for reconsideration of the charge.

Before having your development contribution assessment reconsidered, please first refer to: 

  • Section 199 (A-B) of the Local Government Act 2002
  • Section 14 of our Development Contributions Policy: ‘Requests for reconsideration’.

Understand criteria

Your request for reconsideration must:

  • be in writing
  • be made within 10 working days of receiving notice of the development contribution
  • set out the grounds and reasons for the request
  • specify the outcome which is sought.

Step 2: You

Apply for reconsideration by using our Application for Reconsideration form. Make sure your application:

  • uses this official form
  • is lodged with us within 10 working days of receiving notice of the development contribution.

I request Council to reconsider the requirement of the development contribution charge based on the following criteria (tick applicable):

Max file size: 300 MB

Step 3: Council

Application processing

We will consider whether:

  • the development contribution was incorrectly calculated or assessed under the Development Contributions Policy
  • the Policy has been incorrectly applied
  • the information used to assess the development against the Policy, or the way we have recorded or used information, was incomplete or contained errors.

What's next?


  • give written notice of the outcome of the reconsideration within 15 working days of the date we received all information relating to the request.
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Last updated 29 June 2022