All archaeological sites, whether recorded or unrecorded, are protected.

Recorded archaeological sites are listed on the New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA) website and at the moment only some of these have been scheduled in our District Plan. We want to update this to include all identified archaeological sites in our plan so that landowners are aware of these sites and what it means when looking to develop them.

We've currently got 52 archaeological sites identified in our District Plan, mostly located around our gully network and near the banks of the Waikato River. and we're are proposing to add a further 57 NZAA recorded sites to the district plan.

Click here to see a map that shows where the archaeological sites are that we're proposing be added to our District Plan.

How have the archaeological sites been identified?

Archaeological sites are identified through the database of known sites managed by the New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA) in partnership with Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga and the Department of Conservation.

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What does it mean if my property is listed as being an archaeological site?

Plan Change 9 is not about finding new archaeological sites. All sites that we're proposing be listed in our District Plan are already listed as archaeological sites by NZAA. We want to include them in our District Plan to make sure landowners are aware that there are both district plan rules and requirements on landowners under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act, that they must follow.

The below table provides some typical examples of what works would require resource consent and what wouldn't. Noting some of these requirements are already in the District Plan.

Example: Requirements:
Earthworks on any scheduled archaeological sites for Group 1 and 2 Consent required
Signs on any scheduled archaeological site Consent required
Minor work on all scheduled archaeological sites No consent required

If you are unsure whether your work requires a resource consent under the current District Plan, you can always contact our Duty Planner for general planning guidance enquiries. Please contact the duty planner weekdays 8am – 4.45pm Email:

I live in Peacocke, will this impact my archaeological site/s?

The archaeological sites identified through the proposed Peacocke Structure Plan will not be impacted by Plan Change 9. However, through Plan Change 9 we're proposing some changes to the District Plan rules relating to both Group 1 and Group 2 archaeological sites and these will apply to all archaeological sites across the city.

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Last updated 8 July 2022