What you need to know about LIMs

We prepare LIMs containing information on properties stored on our databases.

If you are buying a property, a LIM may answer some important questions about the property and any associated buildings.

A LIM gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have regarding Council requirements, matters or issues, and to seek advice from your solicitor. Banks and insurance companies may require a LIM to protect their investment. Please be aware that only a current LIM is valid for the purpose of a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Request a LIM online

Download a hardcopy application

A LIM contains information on:

  • building consents, licences and requisitions issued on the property
  • swimming pool compliance at the property
  • relevant rates
  • proposed public works that may affect the property
  • drainage and water services at the property
  • any special features of the land such as erosion, flooding or related issues and a soil report on the property.

A LIM does not contain information on:

  • building permit or consent plans
  • information relating to state highways
  • plans and activities on any parks and reserves in the vicinity of the property
  • electricity, gas and telephone connections
  • non-notified resource consent applications in process
  • decisions on neighbouring property.

Make a property search request

Another way you can get information about property is by making a property search request. We may be able to supply information on:

  • building property files
  • floor plans
  • drainage plans
  • code of compliance certificates.

Make a property search request

What you need to know about PIMs

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) provides specific information required for a building project on a specific piece of land. At the early design stage, it will help you know what will be involved in your project.

You will need to include a PIM when you apply for resource or building consent, so request a PIM well in advance.

You will need to include:

  • the intended use of the building
  • the location, description and external dimensions of the proposed building
  • any change of use, subdivision details, and previous building consents issued for the project
  • proposed vehicle access, stormwater and wastewater disposal, and connections to public utilities
  • precautions to protect any existing drains, sewers, wells or water mains
  • things that are relevant under the Resource Management Act (e.g. changes to site contours and sunlight access planes).

We can ask for more information after you submit the application. We’re obliged to issue the PIM within 20 working days of your application or within 10 working days of receiving any extra information from you.

Request a PIM by filling out the Building Consent Application Form here.

Your rights when Council acquires land

From time to time, we need to acquire land for public purposes such as roading. This process is governed by the Public Works Act 1981. ​

Read the guide for landowners to help explain the process.

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Last updated 15 January 2024