Rates are a charge on a property, not a property owner. If you are buying or selling a property, you must let us know.

The ratepayer of a property is the person named in our rating information database and the district valuation roll as the property owner. This must be the person/s on the certificate of title.

1. When buying a property:

  • Have your solicitor identify any outstanding rates and negotiate the sale accordingly.
  • If you receive an invoice for overdue rates on your new property, contact your solicitor to resolve this with the previous owners.
  • Settle any outstanding rates immediately to avoid further penalties.

2. When selling a property:

  • Make sure all outstanding rates are paid prior to sale.
  • Let us know of a change of ownership within one month of the property sale. Advise your solicitor to issue the appropriate notification as soon as possible.
  • We will cancel any direct debit transfers once we are informed.


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Last updated 13 June 2022