STEP 1: You

What you need to know

Before you start, you'll need your rates number.

Find your rates number online

You can also find you rates number on your rates notice which will be posted or emailed out.

You'll also need the verification number on your latest rates invoice.

Step 2: You

The email address above is replacing an old/invalid email

Property details

Step 3: Council

Other property related correspondence from us will also be emailed where possible. 

We’re not responsible if your email is not accepted or directed to your spam folder by your internet service provider.

If we're notified that the email was not received, we will contact you on the phone number you’ve provided and/or mail a copy of the invoice to your postal address.

Please contact Waikato Regional Council directly if you would also like their invoices emailed.

Click here to contact Waikato Regional Council

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Last updated 13 June 2022