Step 1: You

What you need to know

If you’re considered an ‘affected party’ to a resource consent, you may be asked to give your written approval to the applicant as part of their application, or be invited to have your say once the application has been submitted.

1. Before you provide approval

  • Providing written approval means we won’t take the effect on your property into account when considering the resource consent application.
  • Your written approval must be unconditional, so if there are aspects of the resource consent you aren’t happy with, discuss a compromise with the applicant.
  • If you’re unsure about providing written approval, seek independent advice.
  • You don’t have to provide approval, and you don’t have to give a reason if you choose not to.
  • If you don’t give your approval, you may get to make a submission on the resource consent application if it’s notified.
  • You can withdraw your written consent at any stage until the resource consent is granted.

2. Providing written approval

To provide written approval, complete the Resource Consent Written Approval form and give it to the applicant to submit with their resource consent application.

You must also sign:

  • the resource consent application
  • each page of the plans included with the application.

Step 2: You

Max file size: 300 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx


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Last updated 5 July 2022