What you need to know

You can meet with us to discuss your development project and check if resource consent is required before you apply for it.

You may also discuss the possible effects of the project, the potential affected parties, and the expected process once your application has been received.

Pre-design meetings

You can meet with us before your pre-application meeting if you want to discuss a development project before design begins.

You may be invited to our Urban Design Panel Meeting to get further advice on the design of the project.

Contact the Planning Guidance Duty Planner, 8am - 4​​pm Monday-Friday.

Development contributions

Pursuant to the Local Government Act (2002) and Council's Development Contributions Policy, Council may require a development contribution to be paid in respect of a development. For general information on development contributions 

Prior to lodgement for consent please contact our Development Contributions Team to determine whether a development contribution is applicable to your development and/or for an estimate of the development contribution charge.

Talk to us before you start your application for resource consent.

Terms and conditions


The purpose of a pre-application meeting is to facilitate communication between applicants and the council so that the applicant can make informed decisions about applying for consents, permits or licenses.


The views expressed by council staff in or following a pre-application meeting are those officers’ preliminary views, made in good faith, on the applicants proposal. The council makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or use of any information or views communicated as part of the pre-application process.


The applicant is not required to amend their proposal to accommodate the views expressed by council staff, nor to comply with any suggestions made by council staff. Further, it remains the applicant’s responsibility to get their own professional planning and legal advice when making any application for consents, permits or licences, and to rely solely on that advice, in making any application for consents, permits or licenses.


To the extent permissible by law, the council expressly disclaims any liability to the applicant (under any theory of law including negligence) in relation to any pre-application process. The applicant also recognises that any information it provides to the council may be required to be discussed under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 unless there is a good reason to withhold the information under that Act).


Any assessment and administration time spent beyond that covered by those deposits will be charged at the relevant hourly rates.


Book your pre-application meeting


Preferred contact method

Pre-application meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday.

Available meeting day

Available meeting times

How would you like to attend the meeting?

Due to some of our team working remotely, an onsite meeting request may need to be held virtually.

Who will be attending the meeting?


Max file size: 5 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx


Once your application has been received we will get in touch to confirm and book in a meeting time.

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Last updated 7 February 2024