Step 1: YOU

How to make an objection

As an applicant, if your application was notified and submissions were received, you have a right to appeal the decision to the Environment Court.

A submitter may also appeal the decision to the Environment Court.

You can object to a decision Council has made about your resource consent application, or conditions on your consent, if:

  • it was not notified
  • it was notified but no submissions were received, or any submission(s) received were withdrawn.
  • You can also object to extra costs we may charge for processing your application.

You must make your objection within 15 working days of our decision. Include in writing what you object to, and why.

Step 2: YOU

Submit your objection

Max file size: 300 MB; Allowed extensions: pdf,doc,docx


What you can expect from us

We’ll respond to your objection within the statutory timeframe. If we are working through a resolution with you, the process can take longer.

If a solution can’t be found, we’ll prepare a report and recommend if your objection should be upheld or dismissed. It will then go to a hearing where independent commissioners will decide whether to dismiss or uphold your objection, either in whole or part.

You’ll receive a decision within the statutory timeframe from when the hearing is held. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you can then appeal to the Environment Court within 15 working days of receiving the decision.

Appeal to the Environment Court


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Last updated 17 June 2022