When building or developing land, our City Waters Unit can help you with:

  • water connection
  • water disconnection
  • wastewater services
  • stormwater services.

They can also provide general information on water supply, quality, treatment and wastewater. Contact the City Waters Unit:

By phone
07 838 6699

By email

Water connections for new developments

Council’s Water Connections Guide provides small and medium developments with a streamlined process to completing development steps to get connected to the city’s water network.

Build safely over pipes

If you think there may be Council wastewater or stormwater pipes going through the site where you intend to build, see Building over Pipes or contact the City Waters Unit.

Managing stormwater on site

We have two helpful guides on managing stormwater on building sites and soak holes.
Stormwater Solutions for Hamilton City
Soak up your Stormwater



Three waters

Learn about the systems that look after Hamilton’s drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater (the ‘three waters’).

Resource consents

Learn about resource consent, when you need one, and how to apply.


Learn about property compliance, building WoFs, swimming pool standards, and earthquake-prone buildings.

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Last updated 13 July 2022