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We want our central city to be the beating heart of Hamilton Kirikiriroa which always has something going on for our diverse communities to come together and enjoy.

What we will focus on:

  1. We'll strengthen the connection and access between the city centre and the Waikato River.
  2. We’ll promote daytime and evening activity.
  3. We’ll create performance spaces such as the new regional theatre and leverage existing central city spaces to support arts and culture initiatives which offer something unique to our city.
  4. We’ll support mixed inner-city living options in Hamilton Kirikiriroa which encourage people to live in the central city alongside vibrant retail, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.
  5. We’ll make it easy to get into and around the city through a range of alternative travel options.
A couple dining at a restaurant in the central city

No specific group of activities has been allocated to this priority, as it is recognised that the activation of the central city is contributed to by all parts of Council activity and key capital projects.

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