​Age Friendly Plan

Sometimes referred to as the Older Persons Plan, the Age Friendly Plan has been developed to ensure Hamilton is a desirable place to live for older people. The plan outlines objectives around improving access, safety and inclusion relating to older people.

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Biking Plan 

Hamilton’s Biking Plan will contribute to a more attractive and liveable city for families. The plan aims to make biking safe, convenient and visible; encouraging more people to bike more often in Hamilton.

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Cemeteries Plan

The Hamilton Cemeteries Plan sets out our 10 year priorities. It describes how we will sustainably develop Hamilton Park Cemetery to meet current and future burial and cremation needs while managing and actively protecting our two heritage cemeteries, to guide operation, development, protection and public use.

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Central City Transformation Plan

The Central City Transformation Plan (CCTP​) aims to transform Hamilton’s central city into a prosperous commercial centre, with a vibrant metropolitan lifestyle. The plan is an action-focused practical approach with a mixture of short and long-term projects designed to revitalise the central city and encourage more people to visit, live and work there.

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Our Climate Future Action Plan

“Our Climate Future: Te Pae Tawhiti o Kirikiriroa” council’s climate change strategy is brought to life through this action plan.

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Disability Action Plan

The Disability Action Plan, adopted in 2022, implements Council’s Disability Policy. It ensures that Council operates and manages all its infrastructure, facilities and services in a way that gives all people equity of access, inclusion and opportunity. The Plan includes both Council and community-led actions to acknowledge the wonderful work our community organisations do in this space.

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Frankton Neighbourhood Plan

The Frankton Neighbourhood Plan outlines actions to support the development of one of Hamilton's oldest suburbs over the next 10-20 years. The plan sets out a number of early, short and longer term projects for the area that support the outcomes of:

  • Retaining and growing Frankton's unique economy
  • More people living in Frankton
  • Preserving, enhancing and sharing Frankton's history
  • Attracting visitors to Frankton's history and quirky character
  • Strengthening Frankton's connections with Hamilton as a city

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Hamilton East Neighbourhood Plan​​​​​​​

The Hamilton East Neighbourhood Plan aims to make Hamilton East a popular and attractive character suburb that embraces its history. The plan is a key project to highlight our distinctive suburban villages and guide future developments. 

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Hamilton Gardens Management Plan

The Vision of this Plan is to support the creation of a world class garden that enhances Hamilton’s reputation, economy and quality of life. The plan defines the strategies, objectives and policies for the development, operation, management and public use of Hamilton Gardens.

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Hamilton West Town Belt (WTB) Masterplan

The Hamilton West Town Belt Masterplan is a 30-year vision setting the direction for the future of the West Town Belt. The Masterplan outlines a 30-year plan to guide development of the WTB and aims to:

  • Create a place for all people to enjoy;
  • "Stitch" the WTB back together so open spaces values can be enhanced;
  • Ensure the WTB is a fit for purpose open space in the face of future demand and growth in Hamilton; and
  • Improve integration of uses and access across the entire WTB.

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Hamilton Zoo masterplan

This masterplan sets the future direction for Hamilton Zoo, its development over the next 30 years and how it will interact with Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park.

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Heritage Plan

The Heritage Plan sets out Council’s approach to celebrating Hamilton’s heritage in all its forms.  The plan outlines actions for the Council to identify, manage, protect, conserve and appreciate Hamilton’s historic heritage.

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Playgrounds of the Future Plan

The Playgrounds of the Future Plan outlines Council’s direction and priorities relating to the delivery of new playgrounds. The Plan guides the maintenance, upgrading and/or the development of new playgrounds. The plan aims to make playgrounds an experience with equipment that stimulates both physical and mental activity.

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Pooches and Parks Plan

This plan outlines where new dog exercise areas will be established in the city including two fenced dog exercise areas. It also outlines how we intend to make the central city more dog friendly and provides an overview of actions to launch an etiquette campaign aimed at both people who own pooches and those who don’t.

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River Plan

The Hamilton City River Plan is a comprehensive strategy to transform the way we use and view the 16km of Waikato River running through the city. The Plan is a 30-year vision for the river and will guide how we plan and use the river into the future.

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Waikato Museum Strategic Plan

The outlines how the Waikato Museum will respond to changing shifts and trends facing museums. The plan provides actions to develop a distinctly Waikato identity and be relevant to our communities.

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​​Waste management and Minimisation Plan

This waste plan sets out goals, objectives and targets to guide us towards waste avoidance, reduction and recovery.

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Welcoming Communities Plan

This comprehensive plan will help us to make Kirikiriroa a more welcoming place to be. Our goal is to ensure that Kirikiriroa feels like home for anyone who chooses to live here. The wellbeing of the community is at the heart of everything Council does, and that includes the wellbeing of people who are new to the city.

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Last updated 16 September 2022