Programme summary

What we’re doing

We’re working with developers, partners and other government agencies to create a more vibrant and prosperous central city for all of us.

Why we’re doing it

These developments will help reshape our central city, creating a connected, welcoming and diverse place that reflects our identity, anticipates our future, promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and celebrates our connection to the mighty Waikato River.

They’ll improve our connection between the awa and the city, provide a vibrant centre for people to live, work, meet, dine and play.

These projects will

  • Improve connections between the awa and the city

  • Provide a vibrant centre for people to live, work, meet, dine and play

  • Develop spaces that will help us to prosper and grow sustainably

242-266 Victoria Street development

This 2000m2 site sits directly next to the thriving Victoria on the River precinct, and is a key connection between the central city and the Waikato River. We've created a preliminary design concept to show potential partners our desired outcomes including underground parking, retail, hospitality and commercial spaces, and residential apartments.

We’re creating:

  • a high-quality, vibrant, multi-storey, mixed-use development connected to the riverside
  • hospitality and retail spaces that enable businesses to thrive
  • residences that offer modern apartment living with river and city outlooks
  • a commercially viable development that reflects market demand.
242 266 Victoria Street development
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Embassy Park

To support the development of the Waikato Regional Theatre, Embassy Park will be closed through to early 2024. We're taking this opportunity to redevelop the park so when it reopens with the theatre visitors the park will be treated to a new-look.

Upgrades to the park will further develop a sense of local identity and character, creating a place that is engaging to spend time in and caters to the needs of all people.

Ferrybank enhancements and development

We’re putting the Waikato River at the heart of our city by developing Ferrybank as a home for hospitality, recreation, and commercial activities that are connected to the Te Awa River Ride.

We’ve already invested in a revetment wall and a new jetty featuring artwork inspired by Hamilton’s five local hapuu. We’re restoring parkland between Grantham Street and the river, which should be finished in 2023.

We’ve budgeted in the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan to improve our museum’s Victoria Street entrance and create a new riverside entrance to increase its profile and encourage visitors from the river path. We’re also planning for a central city river crossing and connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

Waikato Regional Theatre v2

Waikato Regional Theatre

We’re proudly partnering with the Waikato Regional Property Trust to bring Hamilton a world class, multi-purpose performing arts centre.

The new theatre will be our ‘centre stage’, where we celebrate the spirit of human creativity, welcome the world's best live performance, tell our stories, and share our own particular sense of identity and community.

Located at the south end of Victoria Street and next to Embassy Park, the theatre will feature a 1300-seat auditorium with circle balconies and flexible staging. It will be able to host drama, kapa haka, orchestral concerts, rock, pop and rap gigs, musicals, ballet, opera and community ceremonies.


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Last updated 22 June 2023