Project Summary

What we're doing

We’re working on installing new raised crossings, new bus stops and upgrading existing ones on Rotokauri Road and Baverstock Road.

The upgrades include: 

  • a raised pedestrian crossing on Rotokauri Road outside Ngā Taiātea Wharekura 
  • a raised pedestrian crossing on Baverstock Road between two bus stops on each side of the street, at 2 Baverstock Road and 5 Baverstock Road 
  • widening the footpath into a shared path on the northern side of Rotokauri Road between Baverstock Road and the entrance to Nga Taiatea Wharekura 
  • a new bus stop with accessible kerbs and a bus shelter on Rotokauri Road outside Nga Taiatea Wharekura 
  • new bus stops outside 2 and 5 Rotokauri Road 
  • a footpath on the southern side of Rotokauri Road between Baverstock Road and 109 Rotokauri Road 
  • accessible kerbs and a bus shelter outside 109 Rotokauri Road 
  • removing the bus turn around area, and bus shelter outside 78 Rotokauri Road and replacing it with a shared path 
  • widening the footpath on the western side of Baverstock Road between Rotokauri Road and 2 Baverstock Road. 

Map showing the changes planned for the Rotokauri Road/Baverstock Road street improvements project

Why we're doing it

The street design will accommodate the Waikato Regional Council’s new Meteor bus service which links the west and east of Hamilton city.

The new shared paths, raised pedestrian crossings and accessible bus stops will improve transport safety and accessibility for those who live, work, study and play in the area. This work was identified as part of a joint public transport route improvement study completed with the Waikato Regional Council.

This project is funded by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Transport Choices programme, and it will help create a connected network across the city, supporting Council’s move to a low emissions transport system in response to climate change.

This project will

  • Improve infrastructure for bus services

  • Create safer environment for school

  • Safer spaces for people to walk and bike

Where are we at

  • Stage 1 - Planning

    September 2023

    Public feedback has closed, and the project has moved to the design phase.
  • Stage 2 - Underway

    June 2024

    With final design and construction approval from Waka Kotahi, we expect work to begin in June 2024.
  • Stage 3 - Completed

    July 2024

    Our goal is to complete the project by July 2024. All projects in the Transport Choices programme will be completed by June 2024.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Council making these changes?

We’re improving public transport facilities for this growing neighbourhood, so people have access to good bus services connecting the west and east of Hamilton city. The new pedestrian crossings and intersection improvements will improve safety and accessibility for those who live, work, attend school and play in the area.

Why use raised pedestrian crossings here?

The raised crossings in this project will help people safely cross the busy street to access bus stops and shared pathways. We are building one on Rotokauri Road outside Ngā Taiātea Wharekura, and another on Baverstock Road, between two bus stops on either side of the street. 

What do raised crossings achieve?

Raised crossings will create a calmer environment that gives everyone time to avoid a crash, or reduces the harm to people when a crash does happen. The number and severity of crashes in Hamilton has dropped significantly in places where we have installed raised safety platforms.

What considerations are there for people with disabilities?

The upgrades we are planning will make it safer for people with disabilities to travel around Rotokauri Road and Baverstock Road, visit the wharekura, visit the church, visit friends in the neighbourhood or catch the bus into the city. Raised pedestrian crossings will provide a level pathway from one side of the street to the other, making it easier for wheelchair users and people using mobility scooters to safely cross. The upgraded kerbs will make it easier for people to board the buses too.

How will we be updated on this project?

We will write to residents in the neighbourhood to inform them on the construction timetable. We will have project information signs on Rotokauri Road and Baverstock Road. We will keep our Transport Choices website updated with important information, changes or developments in the project.

Will these upgrades cause more congestion?

No. Providing alternative transport options that support people to make changes to the way they travel is important. Providing a better-balanced transport system with options that reduce the need to drive or own a car is increasingly important to ensure population and economic growth don’t translate into more traffic congestion.

What is the budget for this project?

The budget for this project is $1.22 million. Council’s share is $244,000. The balance is funded by the Climate Emergency Response Fund, which is supported by revenue collected from the Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Last updated 20 September 2023