Project summary

What we're doing

Our Nature in the City Strategy is Hamilton's 30-year strategy for biodiversity. It sets a vision for restoring and enhancing our city’s natural environment.

The initial programme plan is for the next 10 years and is funded by $29 million investment from the 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan.

In November 2021, we launched our first programme plan outlining how we'll kickstart our vision – starting with the next three years.

Over the next three years, we will:

  • enhance nature at Donny Park and create better access to it
  • begin pest control and plant restoration at Te awa o Katipaki
  • begin pest control and plant restoration at Mangakotukutuku
  • start baseline monitoring in our natural areas to measure progress
  • have an iwi and hapuu engagement plan for the wider programme
  • launch a multi-agency working group for expert guidance
  • identify new planting opportunities and priority planting areas
  • educate Hamiltonians on the importance of nurturing nature in our city
  • increase our number of nature-loving volunteers.

Why we're doing it

Of the 11,000 hectares in Hamilton Kirikiriroa, only 168 hectares are covered by native vegetation. Native plants are the most effective way of supporting a strong and healthy ecosystem.

We know more native vegetation will make our city – and its people – stronger and healthier. We want to shape a healthy, vibrant and green city that future generations can protect and enjoy.

Project features

  • 1000 more hectares

    Hundreds of thousands of native plants across more than 1000 hectares to be restored.
  • Focus on natives

    Native plants are the most effective way of supporting a strong and healthy ecosystem.
  • 1000+ volunteers

    We’ll need more than 1000 volunteers to help us plant a greener Hamilton.

Where we're at with progress

  • Stage 1 - Underway

    May 2022

    Kukutaaruhe Gully/Donny Park Restoration Project

    We will plant more than 10,000 trees, install new pathways, control and remove pest plant species, install…


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Last updated 8 July 2022