Project summary

What we're doing

We’ve been busy replacing or upgrading several playgrounds across Hamilton, including:

  • Mahoe Park playground
  • Hayes Paddock in Hamilton East
  • Glenview Park playground
  • Tauhara Park playground
  • Nawton Skate Park and playground at Elliot Park
  • Lower level lakeside playground at Hamilton Lake.

Why we're doing it

We want to supply younger Hamiltonians with safe and fun play spaces so they can enjoy living in our city. It’s essential we keep these Council-owned assets in good condition for all who use them.

This project will

  • Provide safe, modern, fun places to play

  • Make public spaces nicer for all of us

  • Make Hamilton a great place for kids

Project features

  • Modern equipment

    We work with designers, providers and contractors to ensure we're investing in top-quality, fun playground equipment that's fit for purpose.
  • Better utilised green spaces

    We're optimising what we do with public green spaces so more of us can enjoy them.
  • A more attractive city

    Well-maintained playgrounds make public spaces nicer for all of us.

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Last updated 19 July 2022