Programme summary

What we're doing

Under our City Wide Transport programme, we’re making street environments safer and more pleasant for people. Alongside larger projects, we’re also working on some smaller safety and connectivity improvements to support our broader roading initiatives.

Why we're doing it

Our Access Hamilton transport strategy outlines the opportunities and challenges facing our city's transport infrastructure, but more importantly, it highlights outcomes for our city’s transport future.

Through this programme we're working to make sure our transportation infrastructure ensures:

  • everyone is safe and feels safe while using our streets and public spaces
  • a low-emission transport system that is resilient against climate change
  • Hamilton Kirikiriroa is a great place to live for everyone
  • a healthy te awa o Waikato (Waikato River) and natural sites which sustain abundant life and prosperous communities for all generations
  • more people choose to travel on foot, by bike, by bus, or using micromobility devices such as scooters
  • Hamilton Kirikiriroa is accessible for all because it has a city culture and heritage that is shared, protected, and celebrated
  • Hamilton Kirikiriroa is a great place for everyone to work and do business
  • an adaptable, future-ready transport system that supports quality and compact urban form.

This programme will make transportation better and safer for all Hamiltonians.

The projects underpinning this programme


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Last updated 20 July 2023